School of Information Systems
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School of Information Systems offers six programs within, they are Information Systems, Information Systems Accounting and Auditing, Business Information Technology, Business Analytics and two double degree programs are Information Systems & Accounting and Information Systems & Management. Domain of Studies at School of Information Systems are Information Technology and Business. All programs under School of […]
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Information Systems
Information Systems
Information Systems

The Information Systems Study Program was founded in response to the progressive demand for skilled human resources in the field of information systems. The scope of study in the program includes information systems: information systems development, including information systems analysis, design, and implementation (programming), management information systems, business process analysis and design, enterprise systems, database analysis and design, and information system project management. As a discipline, information systems have been making positive contributions to a wide range of organizations, especially in this era of digital transformation where information can be accessed and distributed easily. Information systems help organizations in managing data as an asset, either collected or presented by information systems, which are possible to be implemented for problem solving and management decision making. The graduates from this program will have the necessary skills to transform business with the most recent solution technology.

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Business Analytics
Business Analytics
Business Analytics


The program bachelor in Business Analytics is aimed at analytical driven individuals who possess strong critical thinking abilities and wish to harness the power of data to transform the world. This revolutionary degree, designed with the expertise of the School of Information Systems to prepares the next generation of global pioneers who can collect, manage and analyze data to solve the most pressing challenges of businesses and institutions. Through an applied learning methodology and a hands-on approach students learn to manage the most innovative technologies and tools to exploit the true power of data to create value for companies and societies. This bachelor is aimed at individuals who are ready to drive performance within businesses, reach the smartest management decisions and make a positive impact in the corporate world.

Prospective Career of the Graduates

Graduates will have the necessary skills to work as:

1.      Data Business Analyst

2.      Data Analytics Consultant

3.      Decision Science Consultant

4.      Executive Data Management

5.      Data Analytics Quality Executive

6.      Customer Analytics

7.      Quantitative Analyts/Modeler

8.      Data Architect

9.      Machine Learning Engineer

10.   Chief Data Officer


11.   Application Architect

12.   Market Research Analyst

13.   Business/Analytics Translator

14.   Web Analytics

15.   Social Media Data Analyst

16.   Supply Chain Analytics

17.   Human Resource Analytics

18.   Marketing Analytics

19.   Risk Analytics



The Business Analytics curriculum is designed by refering to the curriculum recommended by Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and Association for Information Systems (AIS) for model curriculum and guidelines for undergraduate degree program in Business Analytics area. In addition, the curriculum has been influenced by foreign universities with the reputation of qualified Business Analytics Programs. The student will learn how to use their data analysis skills to solve business problems, applying it to specific areas in marketing, finance, and economics. In addition, they will learn using tools that being used by global industry to get insight through analytics. This programme enables students to attain strong knowledge of data analytics foundations and fundamentals, including: familiarity with data analytics and programming principles, and high and broad understanding of the application of analytics in various industrial domains. The student will have the ability to function effectively in teams to accomplish a common goal and the understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security, and social issues and responsibilities of analytics professionals. They will have the capabilities to analyse the local and global impact of data analytics on individuals, organisations and society.

Business Information Technology
Business Information Technology
Business Information Technology

The Business Information Technology program is part of the School of Information. In the Business Information Technology Program aligned with the Information Technology Business, the focus is on Business Analytics, Social Media Listening and AI.

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Information Systems Accounting and Auditing
Information Systems Accounting and Auditing
Information Systems Accounting and Auditing

Information Systems / Information Technology (IS/IT) is essential to manage transactions, information, and knowledge necessary to initiate and sustain economic and social activities. These activities increasingly rely on globally cooperating entities to be successful. In many organizations, IS/IT is fundamental to support, sustain and grow the business. While many organizations recognize the potential benefits that technology can yield, the successful ones also understand and manage the risks associated with implementing new technologies. Another growing industry supported by technology is Financial, in a form of application, Financial Technology penetration broadly spread to the society. To understand more about Financial Technology environment, the knowledge about finance management, policy, financial services in certain area are some of the concerns to be prepared.

Therefore, in many organizations especially in an accounting firm as an external auditor and IT-dependent company such as banking, telecommunication and oil and gas as internal IS (Information Systems) Auditor, the demand of Information System Auditor is growing every year. Instead, by also understanding about Financial Technology environment, the information systems designer is becoming the most wanted profession in this digitalize world. Related with this opportunity, BINUS UNIVERSITY offering Information Systems Accounting & Auditing Program to fulfill the demand of IS Auditor and Financial Technology Specialist to prepare knowledgeable fresh graduate in that area.

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Double Degree In Information Systems & Accounting
Double Degree In Information Systems & Accounting
Double Degree In Information Systems & Accounting

With increased levels of globalization, business is becoming more competitive. Consequently, the business professional should be able to access reliable and accurate information, particularly in the financial market in order to remain competitive. Thus, an understanding of Information Systems and Accounting becomes one of the significant requirements in the global era. Therefore, it also drives accountants to master in Information Technology. In this respect, Bina Nusantara University offers a double degree program, Information Systems and Accounting which is a combination of the Accounting program and Information Systems program. This combined program of study has achieved accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Highly Educational Institutions of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia.


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Double Degree In Information System and Management
Double Degree In Information System and Management
Double Degree In Information System and Management

The dual study program in Information Systems and Management which combines Information Systems and Management subjects aims to anticipate the knowledge-based economy in the future characterized by the use of IT application. Information Technology in the business world has shifted towards a more outward-looking characteristic and focused on the increased competition in the free market. Information technology and the business world are closely related considering that Information technology and Information Systems share the role of supporting the organizational activities. They do this by increasing the efficiency of the internal processes in a company and by strengthening the competitiveness of the company, as well as by contributing to the problem solving and decision-making by management.

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