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SIS Design Challenge 2019

About SIS Design Challenge

SIS Design Challenge 2019 is international competition that can be attended by undergraduate students from domestic and foreign universities. SIS Design Challenge is UX competition with the aim of creating a user interface that provides an easy and comfortable user experience for users. In this competition the main focus is the experience that users get when using the application as a whole. The submission must be in accordance with the theme “Game for your Future Education”.
This theme is based on the fact that technological progress is very important for human life today. Because technology is one of the supporting factors for human progress. This also has an impact in the education sector. The internet’s presence basically helps the world of education to develop more conducive and interactive teaching and learning situations. Referring to the APJII, highest penetration on internet users based on ages 13-18 years old. (APJII, 2017).
Besides bringing many benefits, technology also creates problems in the world of education. With this increasingly sophisticated technology, games are popping up. This is can be a temptation for children so they prefer to play rather than study.
Therefore, the purpose of this competition is to develop games as a means of education. Games are the right and efficient solution for education. Especially for children who are difficult to learn. This is seems natural, because children’s psychology is playing. They learn more when playing. So the use of games as a means of education is the right choice to solve this problem.

The purpose of this competition :

  1. Giving an opportunity for undergraduate students to implement their knowledge, analytical thinking and teamwork in this competition.
  2. Giving international experience and networking for undergraduate students.

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