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  1. BINUS University are proudly presents “International Thematic Camp @SIS 2020, BINUS University, Indonesia”. This program will be held on August 24 – 27, 2020 at Jakarta, Indonesia


Themes of International Thematic Camp @SIS 2020  is “preserving culture amid covid-19”. Participants will look for solutions related to cultural issues amid covid with the design thinking methods that will be studied at this camp. Participants will be challenged to create better creative ideas based on the current covid-19 situation.


The International Thematic Camp is a program to build academic qualifications especially in information systems and develop information technology. The event will be held for 4 days based on the project approach. In this program, students are expected to make plans and design solutions for e-tourism, information systems in the service industry, mobility, user experience, and innovation. there are various subjects in information systems, careers, UX, creative thinking, and problem solving. here you will share a variety of cultures around the world , discuss the latest ex covid 19 issues and find solutions to those issues by apps.

This program is limited only for 25 participants.

Previous ITC 2019 activities can be seen in the video below:

Program Goals

By joining this program, it’s expected that participant will improve their soft skills and knowledge about current trends in information systems. The program goals of ITC@SIS 2020 are:

  • Create strong connections while learning the values of collaboration and respect each other.
  • Give insight about information systems and its application.


  • The summer school will begin on Monday, 24th August and close with an exciting presentation on Thursday, 27th August. There will be lecturing session, seminar, hands-on work based on real case project, group project presentation, and practical development sessions.
  • Students are requested to bring a laptop to engage in the interactive portions of the school.


International and National Students will be accomodated by virtual course. All lectures and practical sessions will be held on Zoom application


The registration fee includes certification, tuition, accommodation etc. Upon acceptance to ITC @SIS , participants will receive an email detailing the payment procedure.


Batch 1

  • Registration is open now and will be closed on 31st may 2020.
  • Announcement date: 7th June 2020.

Batch 2

  • Registration is open 12th June 2020 and will be closed on 21st June 2020.
  • Announcement date: 28th June 2020.

Batch 3

  • Registration is open 9th July 2020 and will be closed on 12th July 2020.
  • Announcement date: 19th July 2020.

Batch 4

  • Registration is open 29th July 2020 and will be closed on 9th August 2020.
  • Announcement date: 15th August 2020.

We will select participants based on their CV, Recommendation Letter and 1-page motivation statement (see below for details). Participants will be notified of their acceptance will assign slots on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration is now open!

International Students National Participant

$17 250.000

* Send a motivation letter, recommendation letter and Curriculum Vitae to get special price(scholarship).


Please complete the form below to register the ITC@SIS 2020. You have to provide the following data:

  • 1-page CV (a PDF file uploaded to Dropbox or other public URL)
  • 1-page motivation statement (a PDF file uploaded to Dropbox or other public URL)
  • 1-page recommendation letter from Faculty supervisor/lecturer (a PDF file uploaded to Dropbox or other public URL)

The summer school is primarily intended for undergraduate students, but we also welcome advanced master students to register.

You can register this program via the following address :

Code of Conduct

We invite you to come to INTERNATIONAL THEMATIC CAMP 2020 in a spirit open-mindedness, inclusiveness, respectful behavior, and professional manner.

AT INTERNATIONAL THEMATIC CAMP 2020 events, you agree to be:

  • Open to different possibilities and to being wrong
  • Inclusive of everyone in an interaction
  • Respectful and be kind in all interactions and communications
  • Honest and direct, as well as show professional manner.

These behavior don’t belong at INTERNATIONAL THEMATIC CAMP 2020 events:

  • Violence and threats of violence
  • Personal attacks
  • Unwelcome sexual attention or unwelcome physical contact
  • Disruptive behavior (e.g. pornography, ‘talking over’ speakers)
  • Influencing unacceptable behavior


  • Virtual sessions will be recorded and available on one drive
  • Your name, email, etc. may be available/visible to other attendees
  • Screen share and/or discussions during the virtual session will be included in the recordings
  • Please be mindful of your own privacy requirements
  • By registering, I hereby give my consent to participate in the ITC 2020 virtual conference, Zoom which will be recorded for ITC member

Consequences of unacceptable behavior

INTERNATIONAL THEMATIC CAMP 2020  will not tolerate bad behavior from any all attendees and organizers, including those with decision-making authority. Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately. Violation of these guidelines can result in you being ask to leave an event or online space, either temporarily or for the duration of the event, or being banned from participation in spaces, or future events and activities in perpetuity.

Contact us to report an incident

If you have been involved or witnessed an incident at INTERNATIONAL THEMATIC CAMP 2020  that violates the Code of Conducts, please report to our accessibility chair. Reports of all incidents will be promptly and thoroughly investigated by the people responsible for the safety of the space, event or activity. Share as much information as you can and help us to know immediately. INTERNATIONAL THEMATIC CAMP 2020  will investigate all incidents reported with discretion and confidentiality.

Contact Us

For any further questions, please contact the committee.

Email address :, Subject : ITC 2020 Jakarta

Address : Jl KH Syahdan No 9, Kemanggisan, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

Room : School of Information Systems

Phone Number : (+62) 21-5345830