School of Information Systems

Double Degree in Information Systems & Accounting


Business professionals should be able to access reliable and accurate information particularly in the financial markets in order to remain competitive. Thus, an understanding of Accounting and Information Systems becomes one of the significant requirements in the global era. Therefore, it also drives accountants to master Information Technology.

In this respect, BINUS UNIVERSITY offers a double degree program, Accounting and Information Systems, which is a combination of the Accounting program and Information Systems program.

This combined program of study has achieved accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Highly Educational Institutions of DEPDIKNAS RI.

Why Acc-IS

Based on a survey conducted on double degree graduates, 48% of graduates had been working at the time of graduation. 42% of graduates work in companies and 6% of graduates starting their own businesses.

Based on total graduates who worked at the company, 38% graduates working in local companies, 31% of graduates working in national companies and 31% of graduates working in multinational companies.

Career Opportunities

  1. Graduates will be able to develop their career in the any industries including service, trading, manufacturing and non-profit organization.
  2. Graduates will have the necessary skills to work in the following corporate information system, database and e-business, IS department, IS development project, programmer analyst, system support, system design, database administrator, IT/IS consultant, web developer.
  3. Graduates will have the necessary skills to work in the following accounting information system, management, finance, auditing, and taxation, Accounting and Information System Laboratory.

Graduate Competency

  1. Graduate will be able to analyze  Business Process Requirement  of Corporate Financial Information System (CFIS)  and propose  a Financial Business Process in specific Industries.
  2. Graduate will be able to design systems that are aligned with organizational goals.
  3. Graduate will be able to analyze information requirement and business process.
  4. Graduate will be able to apply audit rules and analyze the financial performance to support planning, controlling and decision making.
  5. Graduate will be able to generate financial reports based on Accepted Sandard.