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We are back!
After our successful event in International Thematic Camp 2021, Global Design Thinking: Culture, Society and Law in Digital Era in 12 July – 6 August 2021, School of Information Systems and Faculty of Humanities, BINUS University will hold the SUMMER TECHNOLOGY CAMP 2022, METAVERSE THE NEW BIG THINGS IN 1st August 2022- 27th August 2022.
We are inviting our university partners’ students to take part of this remarkable program. Students will experience various activities and also they will be working the group project with other international students from around the world.

This program will be virtually attended by students who are English speaking learners to introduce them about Metaverse in cross-disciplinary research in BINUS UNIVERSITY, Indonesia. As part of our scholars, the student who enroll in this program will receive credits. Students will also engage with professionals to solve problems in science and technology disciplines, as well as obtaining skills in research and writing techniques. The professionals will provide real-world problems they are working to solve, and students will work in groups to develop solutions

Therefore, we cordially invite your students to participate in International Thematic Camp 2021 by register here:
We are keen to receive your registration until 31st May 2022 (11:59PM (UTC+07:00) )

Should there be anything we need to clarify, please do not hesitate to contact: