School of Information Systems

Student Outcome

After completing the study, graduates are:

  1. Able to identify and formulate the root cause of information system performance through data and information analysis on business process;
  2. Able to identify the database needs to build information system;
  3. Able to design, create and manipulate and implement computer-based information systems through the study of information systems to develop a strategic plan for organizations;
  4. Able to design, create, manipulate and implement computer based information system for new business model and process;
  5. Able to communicate alternative solutions development and implementation of information systems based on theory either independently or in groups in writing, designing, and prototyping;
  6. Able to manage, integrate and add value to the results of data analysis to generate quality information for organization needs;
  7. Able to identify needs, design and implement system and ICT to build a web based business application for the organization;
  8. Able to evaluate business process integration and corporate strategy for designing an integrated information system in an organization.