School of Information Systems

International Design Challenge 2020


International Design Challenge 2020 facilitates students (undergraduate program) from various design and technology backgrounds (e.g. HCI, UX, ICT, industrial design, product design, visual design, interaction design) to demonstrate their problem solving and design ability to propose solutions for digital-technology issues. This year’s competition theme is “Promote Your Culture with Technology”.

This theme is based on the fact that technological progress is very important for human life today. Because technology is one of the supporting factors for human progress. Living in a modern world, brings us a lot of advantages. Also, living in a modern world means greater globalization flow and higher chance for acculturation.

Living in diversity is good. However, it doesn’t supposed to make us forget where we came from, what is our culture.

Therefore, the purpose of this competition is to develop an idea of promoting your culture with technology. The outlook of the competition is to spark the children of each country to utilize technology to promote their culture. Because technology is not only intended to bring foreign culture into the country, but also to bring the country culture itself abroad.


The purpose of this competition:

  1. Giving an opportunity for undergraduate students to implement their knowledge, analytical thinking and teamwork in this competition.
  2. Giving international experience and networking for undergraduate students.

Timeline and Schedule



February 17th, 2020 – March 15th, 2020 Open Registration and Idea Submission (Online)
April 13th, 2020 Top 5 Finalist Announcement (E-mail)
April 30th, 2020 Final Presentation and Winner Announcement at Binus University, Jakarta, Indonesia

General Terms & Conditions

  1. Participants Terms & Condition:

  • Participants of the competition are active undergraduate students (age between 18 – 25 years old)
  • Each team consist of 2 undergraduate students who enroll in same University.
  • Free Registration fee.
  • Registration Link:
  1. Products Terms & Condition:

  • System / product design has never received an award or been a winner in similar contests either on a national or international scale.
  • System / product design can be developed on web, or mobile platforms.
  • The design of the system / product is able to give solutions based on the specified issue.
  • The system / product design developed using the fundamental rules of UX Design.

Competition Guideline and Rules

  1. Idea Submission Guidelines & Rules

Design Team Pick your best team members. Each team consist of two people. A participant cannot be part of multiple teams. The participant must be an active student in same University.
Design Problem The design problem for this challenge is “Promote Your Culture with Technology”.
Idea Design Propose some ideas of an interactive technology-based design solution in any forms, such as Mobile application or Website, based on the competition theme.
Design Deliverable Each team must upload their poster (in PDF format, A2 size, max 10 Mb) and executive summary (in PDF format, max 1 Mb). The poster and executive summary have never received an award or been a winner in similar contests either on a national or international scale. Poster and executive summary must be delivered in English.
Submission Deadline of the poster and executive summary submission is March 15th, 2020 – (23:59 Western Indonesian Time GMT +7).
Announcement Top 5 Finalist Announcement will be sent email to each team by April 13th, 2020. Judges will choose 5 best team to compete in the Final Round Presentation.


  1. Final Presentation Round Guidelines & Rules

Design Challenge Invitation Teams who get passed are invited to participate in International Design Challenge Final Presentation that will be held on April 30th, 2020 in Binus University, Anggrek Campus, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Registration Top 5 teams must confirm by April 17th, 2020 to secure their entries in the challenge.
Final Presentation Each team must bring Power Point Presentation & Prototype (do not mention your University name on your PPT, or Prototype) and will be presented for 15 Minutes and 15 Minutes Discussion with the Judges. Presentation will be held in English.
Dress code All participants must wear formal outfit.
Selection Three winners will be selected from 5 nominated teams
Power Point Format Power Point need to explain these components in the most effective way.  Power point submitted by each team should include at least the following points:

·       Brief Description of the application

·       Background

·       Objectives & Benefits,

·       Methodology

·       Application Scenario

Prototype Prototype must be displayed and tested. Prototype can be displayed in a clickable prototype (using Marvel, Invision, Principle, Protopie, Framer X, Flinto, Figma, etc.) and attached by link (URL).
Ticket and Accommodation Each team will be responsible for their own flight ticket, the committee does not provide the flight ticket and/or accommodation.
Awards The prize award ceremony will be conducted after the final presentation. All finalist will get souvenir & certificate, and 3 top winners will get cash reward and ACM Student Membership for 1 year.


      • Paper size : A2
      • What should be included in the Poster :
        • Team name
        • Idea title
        • The UX methodology used in developing the prototype
        • User interfaces that may represent the whole idea, including the descriptions
      • Please refer to scoring guideline.
      • It is prohibited to include any university element in any form (team member’s name, university name, university logo, tagline, etc.).


      1. Paper Size : A4
      2. Font Size of Title : Times New Roman 16 pt
      3. Font Size of Content : Times New Roman 12 pt
      4. Line Spacing : 1.5 cm
      5. Alignment : Justify
      6. Margin : 3 cm (Top, Bottom, Left, and Right)
      7. File Name : IDC2020_TEAMNAME
      8. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY is made in English.
      9. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY is made in PDF format maximum 2 pages.
      10. It is prohibited to include any university element in any form (university name, university logo, tagline, etc.).
      11. Do not forget to mention your Team Name at Header Section on your Executive summary document
      12. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY acts as a supporting material to the poster. You may include additional information to support your poster.


      1. Presentation will be displayed on PC / Laptop.

      (Notes: PC / Laptop will be provided by the committee. PC / Laptop will only provide Microsoft Power Points and Browsers (Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox)).

      1. All presentations must be saved in .pptx format and using English.
      2. All presentations and prototype should be submitted to committee at the Final Presentation Round (before 12 pm).
      3. The presentation made must be the work of the team itself, not the plagiarism.

      Scoring Guideline

      Idea Submission Scoring:

      • Idea Benefit & Objectives – 20%
      • UX Methodology – 30%
      • Uniqueness & Innovation – 20%
      • Feasible to Implemented – 20%
      • Poster Design – 10%

      Final Stage Scoring

      • UX Methodology  – 20%
      • Idea Benefit & Objectives – 20%
      • Uniqueness & Innovation – 20%
      • Feasible to Implemented – 10%
      • Prototype Demo – 15%
      • Presentation – 15%


      • Judges can disqualify participants before and after judging if the participants file do not meet the requirements
      • Judging results are absolute