School of Information Systems

Quality Controlled Examinations (UPM)

Quality Controlled Courses for Binusian 2027

Student should pass all of these quality controlled courses as listed below:
No Code Code Course Name Minimal Grade
1 CHAR6013003 Character Building: Pancasila B
2 ENTR6511001 Entrepreneurship: Market Validation C
3 TAXN6052003 Advanced Taxation* C
4 ACCT6411003 Managerial Accounting* C
5 ACCT6416003 Financial Accounting I* C
6 ACCT6413003 Financial Audit C
7 FINC6201003 Financial Management C
8 ISYS6677003 Information Systems Analysis and Design* C
9 ISYS6126003 Enterprise System* C
10 ISYS6198003 Data and Information Management* C
11 ISYS6256003 Information Systems Project Management C
12 ISYS6746003 Information System Audit Fundamental C
13 ACCT6450003 IT Cost Management* C
14 ISYS6211003 Web Based Application Development C
*) Tutorial & Multipaper