School of Information Systems

IT Strategic Grid McFarlan


Matriks di atas bisa menjelaskan kriteria-kriteria dari setiap grid untuk dasar pemilihan pengembangan IT Perusahaan seperti di bawah ini:

  1. Support

–         The impact of IS in existing / future application development is low

–         IT/IS is used essentially for administrative systems to improve internal efficiency

–         IT investment is average / below average

Contoh perusahaan: University and Colsultants

  1. Factory

–         IT/IS is critical to current operations but is not at the heart of the company’s strategic development

–         Reliable information systems are required for administrative and process management

–         Future IT applications are not the critical factor for future business success

–         The IT budget will always be significant

Contoh perusahaan: Government; immigration, etc.

  1. Turnaround

–         IT is becoming more pervasive and is recognized as a tool for transformation / business change

–         The systems that have being planned and developed may be critical to the firm’s survival or growth

–         However there is uncertainty as the capabilities of the company in terms of delivery and support are untested

–         IT investment is increasing –perhaps rapidly

Contoh perusahaan: High Fashion, Oil refining

  1. Strategic

–         Some companies will be operating in conditions where IT is already central, and their future is dependent upon and shaped by development in information systems

–         Business operations are totally dependant on the use of advanced information systems.

–         The products and services tend to be computer based.

–         The IT budget will be very significant