School of Information Systems

Information Systems Audit

About ISA

IS/IT is essential to manage transactions, information and knowledge necessary to initiate and sustain economic and social activities. These activities increasingly rely on globally cooperating entities to be successful. In many organizations, IS/IT is fundamental to support, sustain and grow the business. While many organizations recognize the potential benefits that technology can yield, the successful ones also understand and manage the risks associated with implementing new technologies.

Therefore, in many organizations especially in accounting firm as external auditor and IT-dependent company such as banking, telecommunication and oil and gas- as internal IS Auditor, the demand of Information System (IS) Auditor are growing every year. So that, BINUS University offers ISA Program to fulfill the demand of IS Auditor and preparing knowledgeable fresh graduate.

Graduate Competencies

  1. Graduate will be able to demonstrate knowledge about structure, policies, accountability, mechanisms and monitoring practices in organization to achieve the requirements of corporate governance of IT.
  2. Graduate will be able to demonstrate knowledge about IT service management practices that will ensure the delivery of the level of services required to meet the organization objectives.
  3. Graduate will be able to demonstrate knowledge about development/acquisition, testing, implementation, maintenance, and disposal of systems and infrastructure that will meet the organization’s objectives.
  4. Graduate will be able to demonstrate knowledge about providing information system (IS) audit services in accordance with IS audit standards, guidelines and best practices in global industry.
  5. Graduate will be able to demonstrate knowledge of protection the information assets, business continuity and disaster recovery in ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets and timely resumption of IT services while minimizing the business impact.
  6. Graduates will be able to analyze accounting and valuation of  information technology.

Career Opportunities

  •  IS Auditor
  • IS Risk Management and Assurance
  • IS Management Advisory
  • Internal Auditor
  • IS Security Consultant


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