School of Information Systems

Computerized Accounting – Diploma

Background :

Computer technology has dramatically changed the job of accounting position over the years, but program of Computerized Accounting will provide graduates with the skills needed to work with the latest automated accounting systems.

Computerized accounting is an excellent option for those who want to turn their Accounting and computer skills into viable careers, because :

  • Computerized accounting skills are essential to any business practice.
  • The manual accounting system is being replaced by computerized systems.
  • Today, employment is required capability that is ready to work.
  •  Once you complete a computerized accounting, you could work for almost any business in any industry.

Objective :

The objective of the Computerized Accounting program study is to give the student “hands on” experience in the key areas of financial and management accounting, as well as in the implementation and operation of a computerized accounting system. The practical, rather than the theoretical, is stressed. The successful graduate will have the necessary skills to work in industries, both manually and on a computerized system. The student will also be taught to implement internal controls and management accounting systems, such as budgeting, cash flows, and break-even analysis, for use in both small and large businesses. The successful graduate will be equipped for a career in accounting. Computerized Accountants are important to the running of any business in order to gather, record, organize, and analyze their financial affairs based on computer. Executive management rely on this information to make critical business decisions.

Job Opportunities :

Careers may be pursued in small business, multinational corporations, government, or self-employment.

Focus :

  •  Offers an internship so the students can gain actual work experience.
  • Most of courses are practicum to prepare students for work ready.
  • Equipping students with the ability to use Business applications & Business communication.

Graduate Competency :

  • Empowering graduates with knowledge, practice and good character in accounting information technology for global competitive advantage
  • Preparing graduates with applied knowledge through hands-on experience in the use of accounting systems software. Graduates will receive practical instruction in business applications
  • Providing other skills such as mastering Chinese and Japanese language as value added of the graduates
  • Developing good collaboration with industries/association for specific purpose content
  • Improving lecturers  qualification through applied and up dated technology knowledge

Curriculum Model :