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Small Businesses in Instagram’s E-Commerce Feature

This article is written due to its purpose to enlarge public acknowledgement about the benefits that small businesses can get from expanding their business scope in Instagram E-Commerce. By reading this article, readers are expected to achieve insights of why should entrepreneurs start to sell their products on Instagram and small business ideas to do on Instagram. Readers are also expected to implement the information this article holds in their business strategies.

            Previously, Instagram launched its new features such as for the products tagging and some shoppable features for Instagram Stories. Even greater, the other feature called “Checkout” can help entrepreneurs to easily sell their products by syncing their business Instagram account with their business websites. This feature also helps Instagram users to look and search for the products they want without even leaving the app. For entrepreneurs, the first step to start a business on Instagram is by making the business account, switch it to Business Account and choose for the category that fits best with the business. After the account is made, set it up to Instagram Shopping. The Instagram Shopping can give entrepreneurs’ business the ability to add a shop to the business account, tag products in the business posts and get insights about the business shop. By that fact, we can say that the feature helps in providing new revenue stream for businesses. Considering the number of Instagram users around the world, Instagram E-Commerce is the best place for businesses, especially small businesses, to enlarge its scope internationally and as easy as possible.

            The hype over Instagram new feature leads to the increasement of small businesses on Instagram. Entrepreneurs think that they can benefit from the insights that Instagram provides from their business accounts to improve their competitive advantages and Instagram’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) is known as the most strategic source in the marketing, that is the reason they starting to use Instagram as an e-commerce platform. During this pandemic, many entrepreneurs start to make a business that sell unique fabric masks on Instagram. The other new trends also accompany the new feature such as a foam mirrors, clay accessories plates, clay rings, printed reusable shopping bag, hand-build pottery and jewels as seen in these pictures below.

Even if it seems that new small businesses have not acknowledge how to use the new feature but some of them have tried it and use it for their business operational. The coming of new feature also encourage new entrepreneurs to implementing their ideas into their business. It turns out that so many entrepreneurs start to use Instagram as a platform to sell their goods. The only lack is Instagram needs to provide more information about the new feature because it seems that many small businesses are attracted to use Instagram E-Commerce but do not understand how to use it well and end up using it not optimally.

            After all that information, we can conclude that Instagram is actually great to use as an e-commerce platform but it is hard for new small businesses to start using it due to the lack of information to generate it. It is advisable for entrepreneurs out there to get to know better about Instagram E-Commerce because of so many benefits it provides for the businesses. Instagram E-Commerce also help businesses to get more income during the pandemic by selling their goods online which reduces the direct contacts with customers. Hope this article can help the you to look forward for the Instagram E-Commerce and develop your business efficiently.


Septhya Faradiba