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CRM is needed by every company because CRM is an indicator to identify, acquire, store, and develop company relationships with customers which make a major contribution to the company. So that companies must try to maintain relationships with customers that are well managed so that they can run effectively and efficiently. 

From the definition of CRM, the purpose of CRM is to increase the relationship between the company and the customer, as a source of information for companies related to their customers with this information, the company can provide the right service for its customers and fulfill customer needs effectively and efficiently. 


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the whole process of building and maintaining profitable relationships with customers through the delivery of high value and satisfaction for customers. This CRM includes all aspects of getting, maintaining, and increasing the number of customers (Armstrong and Kotler; 2007). Another definition states that CRM is the various efforts of a company to concentrate on keeping consumers (so as not to run to competitors) by collecting all forms of interaction from consumers whether it is via telephone, email, input on the site, or a conversation with sales and marketing staff also CRM is a comprehensive business strategy of a company that allows the company to effectively manage relationships with consumers (Heru; 2003). 

The principle of CRM is to treat each customer differently. The company certainly knows and understands the information of its customers about the characteristics of each customer. So that the treatment for each customer will be different but, have the same goal, namely to meet customer satisfaction. 

Result and discussion 

What are the components of CRM? CRM consists of the word Customer, which means consumers who use goods/services. Relationship, which means the relationship between the company and its customers, which must be done in two directions to provide benefits for both parties. Management means a strategy that must be carried out properly by the company to be effective and efficient. 

Who is CRM targeted for? CRM in each company will of course be targeted at customers who use the company’s goods/services. 

Why is CRM so necessary for companies? This CRM is of course very much needed by companies because of the information on each customer. The company can provide the needs of its customers effectively to achieve satisfaction. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of CRM? The advantages of CRM are all complete customer information, CRM is a measurable indicator, can get more detailed information, accessibility is very easy, can save company costs so it is very effective and efficient, can increase company productivity. In addition to having advantages, it turns out that CRM has disadvantages, namely the relationship between humans and humans is lacking because it uses technology to meet customer needs, constraints on security systems that can cause information data to be hacked or lost. 

Summary and Closing 

So, it can be concluded that CRM is a tool that can meet the needs of customers from the acquisition of each customer’s information. With the information you have, it will be easier to answer customer needs effectively and efficiently. Which is the relationship between the company and customers is very important so that the company knows what customers need. 



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