School of Information Systems

Measurement of User Interest in Social Computing

In the Globalization Era, social computing has been one of the most important things for people to use nowadays and we could not even live without it because it already becoming our routine. As time goes by, the internet has improved rapidly. A few years ago, it was only used for working and browsing important things but now everyone can access it for various things and purposes. This also changes the social behavior of internet users to become more active in almost all aspects especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. We immediately use the internet more through social computing because we cannot leave the house and must follow health protocols by studying at home. Social computing is a computerized system that really helps us to communicate and engage with other people through an online platform. 

There are a few examples of social computing such as social media, social commerce, blogs, wiki, and many more. We all know that lately social media and social commerce are becoming very popular and reach to be used by internet users to interact by involving social interactions, gaining money, sharing information, and broaden the target market as well as networking for business transactions. Social media is one of the media for communication to share and meet different individuals with various personalities. There are Line, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and WhatsApp which commonly used.  

We can make use of the social media platform to create commerce and run a business marketing with a wider potential customer. Social commerce refers to electronic commerce transactions through social computing and makes use of social media usage to promote the products or services of the company. It supports and offers customers to buy products or services online through a website such as Tokopedia, Shopee, and Bukalapak. In this part, both social media and commerce can work together and complement each other for measuring user interest while using the platform. For example, Instagram as social media and Shopee as social commerce.  

Social computing through Instagram effectively helps and influences us as the customer to determine the decisions and the company to measure user interests. Customers can share their comments or experiences and promote products or services after they bought them from one of the company brands through the Shopee platform. People in social media can see and access the information generated by the account owner. From that, customer reviews took a big part to improve the company’s quality and it also important for the company to make the customer trust their products or services. If we’re still not sure about the quality offers by the company brands when seeing the reviews, we can more easy to decide between buying the products or not. 

One of the company strategies to measure the interest in their brands by using the CRM system. CRM automatically analyze the customer behavior and preference from what they currently looking for or wish to buy in their wishlist. It also makes the company easier to solve problems together with other departments if there are complaints from customers. When the company such as Starbucks, MCD, and KFC posted pictures on social media, the company can see the real-time data insights overview from the tracking of each post starts from the likes, comments, and share button of users that it reached their likings or not. The company also can implement advertisements on Instagram by promoting discounts, cashback, and free deliveries which are expected to attract more customers and gain the marketing target for the company’s sales. Lastly, the company needs to make sure that they protect and guarantee customer privacy are safe and don’t need to be worry to be leaked outside because it has data security. 


Marisa Karsen