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The Influence Of Instagram As A Digital Business

Abstract – Instagram as a social media is currently becoming a new lifestyle in society, especially among young people who use social media in their daily lives. Instagram is a photo sharing application that allows users to take photos, apply digital filters, and share them.

I. Introduction

Instagram  was  founded  in  2010  which  was  founded  by  Mike  Krieger  and  Kevin  Systrom who  are computer programmers and internet entrepreneurs. The word Instagram itself comes from the word insta, which means instant, and Gram which is taken from the word telegram (Wikipedia, 2017). On Instagram social media, users who have a lot of followers are called celebgrams. The site says, celebgram is a term for those famous Instagram account users on the social networking site. The term celebgram comes from the word celebrity and Instagram which can mean a celebrity who is popular on Instagram. If a person becomes famous, his name becomes famous and he will definitely get a lot of benefits. You can be a public figure, you can get lots of connections, and by being a celebrity you can get a lot of support from various brands and online shops.

Ads for branded content will appear even if you don’t follow the brand’s Instagram account. Advertisers have indeed opened a target of users who are interested in the types of products offered. Later, Instagram will also issue digital advertising data to advertisers such as Reach, Brand Awareness, Video Views, Traffic, and Engagement. Branded content advertising has the potential to significantly expand the reach of a brand and thus increase digital marketing.

According to  research  Facebook  conducted on 21,000  Instagram  users  in 13 countries about  their interactions with brands and their impact on sales, it turns out that 66% of people who use Instagram have a brand attachment. That interaction also drives results as 54% of users will buy a product after seeing it on Instagram. And 87% of users will also take some action after seeing information about the product on Instagram. Who would have thought, another 53% would think of following the brand’s Instagram  content  or  account  later.  The  majority  of  Instagram  users  also  stated  that  they  prefer authentic and unique digital marketing content.

Seeing the increasing number of Instagram users per year, Instagram is often used by online businesses to market products. Online business people use Instagram marketing with the aim of being able to support higher product sales. Instagram marketing really helps sales, because it can increase business turnover quickly so that revenue is greater.

Instagram  marketing  is  very  good  applied  to  online  businesses,  it  is  even predicted  that  in  2021

Instagram will still be used by online businesses. Therefore, as an online businessman, don’t be afraid to use Instagram as a medium for marketing business products. After all, using Instagram marketing does not cost a fortune, you are in full control of determining the Instagram marketing budget.

II. Literature Review

Online businessmen should not miss marketing their products on Instagram. This application will remain popular, so that demand continues to grow. This is evidenced by an increase in the number of users who increase every year, until now Instagram users have reached more than 1 billion.

To  further  convince  you  to  use  Instagram  marketing,  you  can  see  the  following  benefits of  using

Instagram marketing:

A. IGTV features help product marketing through videos

IGTV was officially launched on Instagram in June 2018. IGTV is used to upload long-duration videos. This feature is very different from YouTube videos or videostreaming, because more video playback is done vertically. Therefore, IGTV is very suitable to be used to market products.

The vertical IGTV video playback was specially arranged by Instagram so that someone is curious to see video content. Plus the video duration is longer, making it easier for online businesses to package product advertisements in detail. Instagram marketing has been more advanced since the IGTV feature.

B. Instagram stories increase sales

Since the Instagram application was launched, Instagram Stories has caught the attention of its users. The Instagram store feature can be used to upload images or videos of long or short duration. The images that are shared are not only photos, but you can also share digital banners so that the product display is more attractive. Anything uploaded to Instagram stories can only last up to 24 hours. The existence of Instagram stories helps online businesses market their products easily for 24 hours non- stop. They can upload products that are marketed anytime and anywhere. Instagram marketing

C. Promotion through celebgrams

Stars on social media Instagram are called celebrities. Instagram marketing also includes celebrities as a product marketing medium. Unfortunately, every celebrity offers a different paid promotion fee, some are cheap to expensive. Making good use of marketing programs can increase product sales profits. According to the survey, celebgrams have a big impact on business. If you use a program to promote products, you can offer products to many consumers, the prospect of consumer quality is very good and fortunately,  it  can  increase  ROI.  If  you  are  interested  in  using  celebgrams,  you  should  choose  a celebgram that has a lot of followers so that you can reach large marketers.

D. Instagram Ads

When you look on the Instagram homepage, you will find several accounts with the words “sponsored” on it. That’s a sign that the account has been registered in Instagram ads. Ads, including Instagram marketing, are in high demand. Someone who wants to sign up for advertisements can immediately set up their own settings. The trick is directly to the settings menu, then post an ad. Later each advertiser will be charged a fee that can be determined by himself.

III. Research Method

A. All online business people get a chance of success if they use Instagram marketing

Anyone can apply Instagram marketing to develop their online business. As an Instagram user, you can observe that Instagram allows anyone to market their sales. Either from small or large online businesses. Newly built businesses also have a chance of being successful until they become big businesses. Instagram marketing fully supports all business people to be successful. One example of a small business that got famous thanks to Instagram overnight is MVMT (crowdfunded watch designer).

B. Your personal account can be turned into a business Instagram

Online businessmen can take advantage of their personal accounts. They can turn personal accounts into business accounts. Using a business account allows users to enjoy business benefits, this feature is able to expand market reach and can optimize Instagram accounts to reach target consumers.

Other advantages that can be felt after using Instagram marketing are enjoying access to insights for free, being able to set the most appropriate time to post photos, analyzing target markets, making it easier for buyers to contact you, being able to reply to comments via fanpage, and more.

IV. Discussion

Instagram users in Indonesia continue to skyrocket According to data released by Napoleon Cat, in the January-May 2020 period, Instagram users in Indonesia reached 69.2 million (69,270,000) users. This achievement represents an increase from month to month for the use of this photo sharing platform. In January there were around 62.23 million users, then increased in February to 62.47 million users. Then in the following month (March) the number of users increased and reached 64 million users. A month later, data from users reached 65.7 million, until it was closed in May with a record of 69.2 million users.

So it’s not wrong if Instagram is used for digital business because the use of Instagram is skyrocketing every year and becoming an opportunity for online sellers. As one of the social media that is widely used by people. Nowadays Instagram marketing is also used for online marketing. Of course this is a good opportunity for those Instagram users, especially for business people who are building their business.

V. Conclusion

Instagram social media users are increasingly the number of Instagram users, namely among young people. The business is only with photo capital, the more photos that are uploaded to Instagram, the better consumer service for products or services sold on Instagram. With only a little of our ability to take pictures with a sophisticated camera, we can experiment and produce good and very interesting photos  for  us  to  upload  on  Instagram.  We  will  also find  it  easier  to  do  business  competition  on Instagram even though business people are first involved in the Instagram online business. The most important thing when running a business through Instagram is that we have a good and interesting product to market and can attract the attention of consumers. If the products we market are compatible with Instagram, surely we will compete with other business players. With today’s mobile devices, we are given access to various websites on the internet including social media such as Instagram. The simple

features provided by Instagram in sharing photos make Instagram a favorite social media for many people and a social media that is widely accessed via mobile.


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