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Kitabisa is a platform that can be used to help human beings who are in distress or suffering from disaster by creating campaigns to raise funds(Crowd Funding), activities carried out by Kitabisa is such as raising funds, it was a social activities that can bridge the interaction and caring to other between human beings . 

In this case the world has been shocked by a virus called corona or can be called covid-19. This virus originated in the Chinese city of wuhan, and now this virus has spread in Indonesia and even the world that has been attacked by covid-19, where it is sure to disrupt human activities in various factors such as work, school, business and others, that make us unable to work as usual. We as Indonesian people are very worried about the existence of this virus because it can threaten life health and can worsen the economy in Indonesia because we are not able to do activities like usual in normal day. The arrival of the covid-19 virus in Indonesia made the Indonesian government impose regulations for all activities carried out at home and it’s called Work From Home(WFH). 

In this article, we will focus more on discussing KitaBisa platform as a social platform which provides a forum for raising funds(Crowd Funding), with the case of impact/affects corona to Ojek Online and small communities(People that hard to earn money). 

Kitabisa provides a place for us communities around the world to be able to help the people involved in handling this virus and those affected by this pandemic. Now many people have raised funds that are useful to help medical staff and the government in fighting this virus, such as helping raise funds for the needs of medical workers. This virus not only makes hundreds of people sick and threatens health, there are other dangers of the corona virus. The impact that is given by this virus is huge, including the impact experienced by ojek online such as Grab, Gojek & small community. Grab and Gojek admit that the covid-19 virus is making their online orders or orders down because they cannot get out of the house because of the corona virus which can endanger their health. Ojek online income will automatically decrease as long as this pandemic continues, even though they get the income daily not monthly, so they have to think every day about how to get money. Many of small community had decrease their income due to the corona virus (Pandemic), due to people who work with a mediocre salary that makes them also do not have some money to live their life. 

With the significant impact that has been faced by ojek online and small community, many Indonesian people care about it by creating a fundraising campaign in Kitabisa so that other people can help them in their current condition and can live through it. Then on the other hand this application enhances social relations between human beings to support each other by providing a number of funds, for example, such as public figures Arief Muhammad’s and Tiara Pangestika who have raised funds in KitaBisa application and invite people to contribute to their campaigns, and now we can see in KitaBisa application they have collected as much as Rp.2.818.424.737 which was recorded on this Wednesday, April 1st, 2020, and that is what the power of kitabisa & Humanity on helping each other. 

From the articles we discussed above, I can conclude that the application of KitaBisa can be used to carry out social activities in helping fellow human beings by providing funds. And the impact given by this application is very big for people who are helped in this activity. I hope that this KitaBisa Platform can provide many benefits for us and others in a more prosperous life. 

Thankyou and Stay Safe. 


Reference: gojek-dan-grab-di-ri 

Irfan Arsyad