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The Importance of Big Data and How to Use It Effectively


In this era of technology and digital business, big data played an important role for a company/organization. Big data is one of the aspect that must be mastered so the businesses that run by a company/organization can grow further and faster. The purposes from this article are so that people don’t underestimate the value of big data and people can use the big data effectively to improve their business chances. Netflix is one of the example how a company improve their services to the customers by using big data. Netflix use the subscribers past search and watched movies, to give the subscribers suggestion of which movie they should watch next. The other example is Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh use the data about their customers/consumers complains/feedbacks about the groceries they bought, and the data about how their suppliers handle groceries. Amazon Fresh use that big data to improve the groceries they sale and invent new type of groceries based on the customers and suppliers data. In conclusion, there are many types of big data, and each type can improve further the business of an organization/company (Mentionlytics, 2018).  

Big data is a collection of a lots of data that can’t processed by traditional method because of its speed and complexity, and must be processed by adequate technology/super computer. Big data has various kinds and types like profile database, Youtube watched history, Google search history, comments from social media, number of suppliers, customer’s preferences, money value, emails, and many other else.(SAS, 2020)  


How big data works:  

  • Set big data strategy, in this step, you need to develop a strategy about big data. The strategy consist of: how you will acquire, store, implement, and manage the big data in your organization internally or externally.  
  • Identify the source of big data, in this step you need for example, you want to start a media company, from there you will know from where you must search the big data. In a media company you can search/acquire big data from social media (Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), Public data (web/sites), etc.  
  • In this step, you need to know how to access the data, manage the data, and store the data. For example, you can access, manage, and store the data from a computer.  
  • After that, you must analyze the data that has been stored. In here, you will choose which data is relevant/required and can benefit the company and which data that not.  
  • Make a decision, in here you must make a decision whether you want to implement the data in your business, make new innovation from the data, or even not using the data.  

(SAS, 2020)  


Examples of the company that use big data are Netflix and Amazon. Netflix is a streaming platform which the customers must become a customer to enjoy a wide variety of movies, series, and shows. Netflix collects a lots and huge data from their subscribers, the data that they collect are subscribers past search data and watch history data, and from that data Netflix create a system where it wouldrecommend/suggest the next movie the subscribers should watch. While Amazon use their customers data to develop new product and improve their products. Amazon Fresh collects the data about how customers buy groceries in their platform and how their suppliers handle the groceries. (Mentionlytics, 2018)  



In conclusion, big data is a collection of a huge amount of data that is complex, and must be processed in order to get the maximum benefit of the data for the company. Big data can give a company a lot of benefit like help the company improve their business in developing and improving their products, improve the business service with giving suggestion to their customers, improve the relationship with the customers, and make the customers loyal and not get bored with their organization/company.  



Leonard Sean Lee