School of Information Systems

Internet with Its Ethics

According to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI) etika/étika/eti·ka/  n is about common knowledge of what is good and what is bad and about moral rights and obligations. We can sum up that ethics is an unwritten rules that guide us in how we should behave and interact with people. As time goes by, human desires become more various and significantly increased, where eventually we develop a technology such as: computer and smartphone alongside the Internet. 

The internet makes human activities become easier, it can give different impacts on a person based on how they used it. In seeking knowledge, news, chatting or even playing online games. The internet is filled with people from all backgrounds and have their own unique character. That’s why when interacting through the internet, we must pay attention to ethics so that there is no misunderstanding or a commotion that can breaks other people heart or even making ourselves ended up in a prison. That’s why we need to know Cyber Ethics while socializing vin cyberspace. 

Cyber Ethics have a similar meaning to ethics we learn back when we are kids. Both of them teach us how to behave and interact with people, but for cyber ethics we are responsible  for our behavior in cyberspace. You may think it is okay to have bad manner or use offensive words in the Internet because no one knows your identity, but most of internet providers, browser or games keep logs of your activities which can detect your IP address or even your personal information. That’s why parents should taught their children on how to behave when they’re surfing through the internet. The education world also taught you on how to behave in the internet to prevent you from getting into trouble. Common issues we may have done or faced is Cyberbullying, and copyright. 

For those of you who play video games will most likely faced a person that have anger problem and started to harass you because you’re playing really bad, this can be related to cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a harassment through digital technology, it is meant to frighten, rage and embarrassed those who are attacked. Not only in online games, it also can be found in social media and other chatting platforms. Cyberbullying can be in a form of impersonating someone, sending threatening or annoying message, and spreading lies about someone. 

Copyright is another kind of issues we may have encountered in the past, Education world is currently dealing with their students who just copy & paste their homework or essay. Copyright is a legal law that protect authorship original works. With the unstoppable developing of technology and internet, it’s easier for someone to copy their idea or work and claimed it as their own. 

With the appearance of cyber ethics it is hoped that people can respect the interest of other internet user and help each other in managing the internet. Cyber Ethics are created to prevent us from doing something outside the law, they need to be aware about the ethics that are in the internet. Therefore cyber ethics education must be offered to students by schools, universities and their parents.

Devin Revel