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Social Media Challenge

A social media site is only as good as the people we are able to connect with. That is why it is so difficult to launch a new successful social networking platform that is able to compete with the more established ones, such as Facebook or Twitter This creates challenges for social media marketers. It is impossible to allow Internet users to have a real-life lived experience online. Therefore, marketers should stop using the medium to tell users how wonderful their product is, and should instead make it as easy as possible to promote users to sign offline and try the product out for themselves. Social media marketing challenge: 

  •  Defining Marketing Goals  

If goals are not well-defined, It will find hard to measure marketing performance and demonstrate its value to stakeholders. This can adversely affect the budget for future campaigns. First, identify the business objectives hope to meet through social media marketing. Then, can go about planning social media marketing goals. After that set SMART goals which is specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound.  

  •  Identifying the Right Platform Investing in the wrong platforms can exhaust budget, especially if regularly use paid ads. Solution for this challenge is to take the time to get to know your audience
  •  Understanding the Target Audience Get personal with the data. After that useusesocial listening tools to capture insights.  
  •  Declining Organic Reach and Engagement Rates Brands will have to rely on sponsored influencer content to make their presence felt on platform.Sothe solution is to use hashtag contests and giveaways because it is guaranteed to produce a lot of UGC.  
  •  Increasing Ad Cost By having so much ad content, marketers are finding it difficult to cut through the noise and reach their targets. The solution is Use advanced targeting to reach prospects who aren’t followers.


Theresia Angelia & Ferdianto