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Business Intelligence and Decision Making_Part 1

Let me start with a brief explanation of business intelligence and decision making.

What is a business decision? Decision is defined as an approach that is deliberately chosen from a number of alternatives to achieve organizational or management goals or objectives. In business in some places, depending on what decision you make. Decisions are made to maintain the activities of all business activities and organizational functions as well as forward-looking views of business operations.

What about business intelligence? Business Intelligence are strategies and technologies that companies use to analyze business information. BI offers historical, current and predictive views of business operations. What is the purpose of providing technologies and strategies for data collection, except to make a better decision for your own company? Many companies today use business intelligence software to extract and extract valuable insights from the large amounts of data they store.

What are the examples of Business Intelligence? Website Traffic: One of the most common business-related tools is probably Google Analytics, which provides good insight into website visitors. The website owner can display visitor data, e.g. B. How much time visitors spent visiting their site. Business Intelegence also has two main sources: internal (within the organization database) and external (external database).

What is the correlation between decision and business matter? As you may have guessed, Business Intelegence gives business owners the ability to make better decisions and, as a result, leads the company to a better place. That’s why many collaborators today use business analytics software to mine data, and the work of data science workers is increasing today. Now let’s dive deeper into business and decision making in business so we can understand them better.

Subtopics 1 : level of decision making

We make decisions every day. It is the key factor where we ended up where we are today. The same analogy can be implemented with the company. But sometimes people find it difficult to make a good decision, even if they have the brightest minds in the room. Sometimes we made mistakes in decision making. Here are several reasons why decision making isn’t easy :

  • Goals are not clear
  • The decision must be made under pressure
  • Fear of failure
  • The number of alternatives is constantly increasing

Decision making has three levels

  1. Operational: decision that the employee makes because he deals with the customer every day.
  2. Tactical: People on a tactical level rely on the intelligence of the company to make middle-class decisions that could lead individual business units. (Decisions about marketing plans, product development, member actions, department budgets, and other initiatives are generally tactical.
  3. Strategic: Decisions at this level can affect the entire company and, moreover, suppliers, customers and the entire industry. For example, in Binus, Rector’s strategic decision-making, since they are the leader of Binus, who has great influence on the university.

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