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Mandatory Access Control(Mac)

Authorization is part of the security in internet. Like in real life, every private sector had a restriction of access so they must have a permission when entering to a certain place. This permission allows certain people to access the resources for limited number of times. Policy enforcement that ensuring only authorized rights are exercised and determining the rights. To prevent any incoming attacks from the external environment. Expect the unexpected is the slogan for Mandatory Access Control.

Mandatory Access Control is one of the access control techniques. Access control is a process where the user is given access rights to access the system or information. In access control there are identification, authorization, authentication and audit. Data that already has permission can only be accessed by some users who have been given permission to access it and of course it has been controlled by access control. When a person or device tries to access certain resources, the OS or kernel security will check entity credentials to determine whether access will be granted. Although this is the safest access control setting available, MAC requires careful planning and ongoing monitoring to keep all classifications of resource and user objects up to date.

In MAC access from objects is created by the subjects or the users. Access Control can also be interpreted as security by limiting the subject’s access to objects. Subjects must be given clear access rights about what operations are possible. It also must determine what the requirements must be met in order to access the object. The system that implements the MAC requires a label for each object and subject, this label is useful as the identity of each subject and object.

The main advantage of implementing Control Mandatory Access is that it can withstand Trojan Horse, a hidden code or a program that attempts to damage or exploit objects without having access rights to the object. In addition, Avoid Theft which the access control certainly limits the people who can access to exclusive areas. Obviously, the area is said to be exclusive because it stores something valuable, of course, can prevent theft that might occur. Moreover, it’s Increase the security level In this day and age, securities are increasingly sophisticated, for example when we make a transaction, we have an ATM that must be entered in the PIN first. When entering the hotel there is a tapping card in advance.

Maximilian Fajar Linus