School of Information Systems

The Importance of Security

Nowadays the rise of technological advances allows us to do everything through the internet, and by everything I mean everything. The internet has been the source of information throughout the years that it has been opened to the public to access, but behind some of the information that we have acquired it is retrieved through disrupting the security and privacy of some sources thus the importance of security to protect privacy is very important.

Human beings have different point of views some which have ethical point of views and some don’t therefore security is strongly recommended when using technology because some unethical human beings are after your personal information when ever there are security flaws.

So now about privacy, privacy is the state or condition of free from being observed or disturbed by other people. By using the internet you are somewhat being constantly watched and observed, examples being loging in to a certain site then the site has specific algorithms, codes, etc. to observe what you are doing, what are your habits when visiting the site and so on, these simple things are a violation to certain security criteria and laws that reside in specific countries. Then on security, security is the state or condition of free of being threatened or in danger, in the technological side security tends to be very minimal when it comes to surfing the internet this is a common thing when it comes to surfing the web, thus creating chances for the unethical to retrieve personal information via internet security flaws.

So all of those might sound very frightening but worry not because there are ways of preventing these kinds of privacy and security problems, first is to be cautious of suspicious links that usually pop up in the middle of the screen and pop up at the sides of a website as advertisements, usually these kinds of pop ups redirects you to a website that will automatically downloads viruses to retrieve your personal data, then the second thing you can do to prevent privacy problems is to install an antivirus application into the technology you are going to use when browsing the web, anti virus applications are usually bundled with anti-spyware applications that will prevent third party applications, and third party services that are used to spy on your activities and habits etc. , and lastly the last advice I can give you on how to increase your security and maintain your privacy is use VPN servers, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that creates safe and encrypted connection through networks so VPN adds an extra layer of security when browsing the web such as browsing the web anonymously, change ip addresses thus changing server location at an instant, these kind of features that adds more security to surfing the web.

The idea of security and privacy link together to form a very deadly alliance of to form a friendly alliance that protects you, so the point being is the security that is used to browse the internet is very minimal so you should consider to add extra layers of protection such as add antiviruses that have antispyware and add VPN to browse the web anonymously.

Marisa Karsen