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Waze application to make it easier to find a place

Waze is a free navigation software for mobile devices and Tablet PCs that has GPS. Waze can be downloaded in various countries anywhere in the world including Indonesia. At present the basic map of Indonesia is complete. But editors from the Waze Indonesia Community are still working to improve the map to keep abreast of developments and developments.

Waze will usually bring up several route choices to reach the destination and the question that always show when it is entered in the application is

” Which route is the best for now? “

 After entering your Favorites (such as your home or work address) then driving by opening the Waze. Waze application will collect information and learn your optional route. Waze will then be able to answer questions every morning

” Which route is better? “

After entering the destination address, users can simply drive by activating the application on their mobile to passively contribute in providing traffic and other road data. Unlike common navigation software examples such as Google Maps, Waze provides information and maps based on input from the user community. Waze users commonly called wazers can actively update information about traffic, police presence, construction work, speed cameras, or other hazards along the way.

This helps other users in the area get warnings about what is happening on the road. In addition to the local driver community that uses the application, Waze is also a place for an active online map editor community that ensures that data in their area is always updated. Because information comes from users, the more people use it, the better and more addictive Waze.

What are the benefits of being a part of a wazers? Wazers can give points for each activity carried out such as exploring, updating maps and other special events. This  By giving points and rewards each time helping commuters, Waze makes driving more fun. The initial role of all users is Baby Wazer. Drive by activating Waze, report accidents on the route, and get more points to become an adult Wazer, knight of Waze, or become one of several Waze nobles.  The social side of Waze also has many benefits. See friends who are nearby on the map, share trips, find out when other people arrive at where you are.

Waze also has chatting facilities, but on condition that someone must be a wazers., it can be concluded that what distinguishes Waze from other navigation applications is that Waze is a combination of navigation applications with social networks and online GPS.

  • How Does Waze Work?

There are plenty of GPS-driven apps and software to choose from, including options that may have come pre-installed in your car’s dashboard interface or on your mobile device like Google Maps and MapQuest. Most do a respectable job when it comes to step-by-step navigation, and some even account for congestion and other factors that could affect your overall drive time.

Waze handles things a bit differently, though, relying on the power of the people to steer you down the right roads. With over 100 million users sharing noteworthy information about what they encounter along the way, Waze stays constantly updated about anything that could slow your progress. Input from your fellow drivers, known as Wazers, lets the app alert you to important items such as construction, police activity, accidents and even minor things to look out for like potholes and disabled cars on the shoulder.

Waze utilizes all of this information seamlessly to predict accurate arrival times and tailor turn-based directions as you drive, helping you traverse both city and rural roads with confidence. The app is highly customizable, letting you select from a 2D or 3D display and from one of dozens of voices across almost all popular languages. If you aren’t satisfied with any of the voices provided, Waze lets you record your own voice for directional playback purposes.


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