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The Web, E-commerce, M-commerce Part 2

In part 1, we talk about e-commerce and the strategies. The e-commerce also developed from the web 2.0 where it emphasis on the interaction, conversation, participation, collaboration between the websites and the users, and endless sources and streams of data, which is very different from the web 1.0, where it’s doesn’t have the interaction between the website and the users.

The web 2.0 website get developed from interaction from the audience to the website, where it developed from the data that the audience voluntary given like: review and rating of a place in Google Maps, or the description that are given on some Wikipedia website), or from the audience behavior on the website. And those data that were triggered from those interaction could be helpful to the e-commerce businessman to develop their website to be more attractive so they can gain more users.

Next, let’s talk about m-commerce. M-commerce is stand for mobile commerce, that we can do the transaction from our mobile phone. And the difference between the e-commerce is an online transaction which is connected to the internet between the business-to-business, business-to-customer, or business-to-government and meanwhile the m-commerce is the business transaction which you could do from your mobile phone as long as you are connected to the internet (online).Many e-commerce website already have m-commerce application, such as Tokopedia, Shoppee,, JD.ID, etc. Why the online shops companies developed m-commerce application? It is because nowadays, many customers already use smartphone, and its easy for them to do online shopping via smartphone since Smartphone has simple in design, smaller size & lighter, and easier and efficient to carry anywhere and anytime. The online based businesses need to also to consider m-commerce, since it has so much potential, and the usage of this platform may increase every year. By using m-commerce, customers easier to do transaction until payment, especially if they use e-wallet or m-banking. Not only online shopping, customers can use m-commerce for service application, such as online transportation like Gojek, Grab, MyBluebird, etc.

That’s all from the web, e-commerce, m-commerce article. Thank you for reading this article from the beginning this the end of this article, i hope you enjoy it and you could get more and new information that could be useful to you from this article. And until then, see you next time.

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