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The Web, E-commerce, M-commerce_part 1

The competition in the commercial business industry is getting tough by year, and the business industry increasingly needs something that is more instantaneous each year. And that’s where the electronic commercial business industry or know shortly as e-commerce is here to answer our doubt.

E-commerce is an online business industry where the customers and the sellers all around the world could get connected anywhere and anytime. Different platform also requires a different way to win the market share. If companies want to win in the market, they have own strategy to win the market share and get a lot of money from it.

In making an e-commerce business, you need a website strategy, where you can develop a website that entertain the audiences, and also having an interaction to the audience, like Shopee did, where they have a challenge to the audience, where the audience need to shake their phone as hard as they can and they get coins, and that coins could be exchange to some prizes, if the coins already reached the needed quantity of it.

Then, you may also get more revenues by selling advertising to your website like most people did, like in corner of your website. But, you need to concern about how much and where you want to put your advertisement because some of the audience find out annoying if you put to many advertisement in your website and them leaving your website, so, you need to concern about this.

You could increasing your more income, by giving a premium service where the audience could receive more benefits than the regular audience. For the example a premium service where the subscribers could be more priorities and get more quicker services than the regular audience, or giving the audience a premium service where they not get those spamming advertisement, which could increasing their browsing experience. If you want a real life example, you could take a look at Spotify (a music-streaming application) where they let the premium subscribers download their music offline that the regular users couldn’t.

You may also could influence the audience in promoting your websites or raising your brand awareness, by giving your audience a special offer after they promoting your websites, like for example : if you have an e-commerce business website, you could give your audience a discount coupon if they share your websites to their social media like : Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp. Just like La Mian Palace a noddle restaurant company, where they give their customer a free ice cream cup, if they share their eating experience at that restaurant into the customer’s Instagram social media account.

Next, you could implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that pay to the search engine company (example : Google, Yahoo!, Mozila Firefox, Apple’s Safari), so your website could be in the top of search engine findings, so it could make more easier to the audience to find your website, and also can contribute in the increasing your website visitors number.

After that, you can also giving shorten name for your website address (or URL), so it will make it is easier for the people to remember it. For the example YouTube where the original website address (URL) of it is : & the shorten website address (URL) of it is :, where the “.be” domain is the domain for the country of Belgium. But, you need to be careful in giving a name to your website address, because some of them already get copyrighted by an individual or by a company, and may get a sue if they caught you using their website address, because that violating the copyright law.

Then, you can give n accessibility to the people with disabilities, could increasing your audience range, like : giving a text-to-speech feature to your e-commerce website, which could help your blind audience when they are accessing your website, and also you increase the quality of your e-commerce website by giving a comment and critique column, where your website audience could giving a feedback about your website, where it could help you developing a more entertaining and improving the your website quality, which could lead more satisfaction in the website visitor’s experience. And, you could also make your website be structured, simple, and errors forgiving to increasing your website visitor’s experience. You can also have a tracker software into your website where it will track your website visitor’s behavior, and your website will give a product or service recommendation based on that your visitor’s behavior, which could help them getting the best services or the products that they wanted.

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Fernand Christian