School of Information Systems


In the past, people do their worked with manual ways then it becomes the work not efficiently and faster. And now on because the impact of the technology we become easier, efficient and faster to do our job, for example: people used to check attendance manually by using attendance card, but now on they use finger print or tapping the ID card. The other example is people used to buy ticket of plane go to the airport, but now on people can get ticket easily with book tickets from website or application. Technology is the best collaborative application that can be used to get your ticket or check your attendance easily without need more time to do and more efficient. From that examples, we can make conclusion that technology is the fastest and very efficient to get information easily.

In late 2010’s, our technology reached the 3rd generation which is called “Web 2.0”. It’s the era of all of people can connect to others and upload their content on the website, and give comment on it. It’s difference with Web 1.0 which is only the website admin was able to provide content to the web. So the data exchange is just one-to-many or little-to-many in web 1.0. But Web 2.0 is a classification of “new faces from the web” where many-to-many data exchange characteristics involve. So many technology platform growing big in this late year, for the example like the most people known like Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc. We can easily access anything on internet like, video Sharing, presentation sharing and social networking so easily in this generation of technology.

Technology has many jobs in our life, from the era of web 2.0 which contain of blogging, microblogging etc. Because of that, we can do thigs more efficient because of era. We will go through in era of technology of 4th Generation that contain UC (Unified Communication) which is optimizes business process, improve human communication and it’s integrate multiple application to single interface by reducing latency, managing flows and eliminating device and media dependencies, it’s accessible from many different devices.

Nowadays, collaborative technologies improve quickly because of the era. We can’t deny that technology keep improve, and as a user we have to develop more technology, make it better, more futuristic and more important we as “human element”, when companies have high technology. The companies must have better community resources because to manage and maximize the technology, we have to implement new technology to our customer through mobile application or any kind of application based on latest technology. Technology can improve their loyalty if we can combine collaborative technology and collaborative customer, so we can get benefit of it and we can get so many plus point from customers After all. Collaborating with technology is all about sharing ideas, make an effective and efficient workforce, and get information access easily.