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Pros and Cons of Using TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire is a platform that offers users with every tool needed to accumulate, analyze, as well as visualize data. The software is ideal for small, growing business as it can be expanded as the business scales up. The TIBCO Spotfire comes in three version – Cloud, Platform, and Desktop. With TIBCO Spotfire Cloud edition, users can create dashboards, study, and evaluate data, and share analyses on the cloud. The Spotfire Platform, on the other hand, allows teams to create everything from custom big data analytics app to dashboards for huge organizations and companies. Meanwhile, the Desktop version enables users to create dashboards and analyze data on PCs.

Main features of TIBCO Spotfire are:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Content Analytics
  • Event Analytics
  • Location Analytics
  • Advanced Collaboration Tools
  • Dashboards and Analytic Apps
  • Data Discovery and Visualization

Pros of using TIBCO Spotfire:

  • TIBCO Spotfire has excellent visualizations, designs, customizations that can be done at your fingertips. It provides great analysis.
  • It can be integrated with other software to derive data and correlate data for better reports
  • It has a role-based, secure, mobile friendly platform and reports that can be used by anyone in the organization.
  • Easy to use with dynamic dashboards and interactive visualization
  • Strong mobile access across a variety of platforms

Cons of using TIBCO Spotfire:

  • TIBCO needs to provide manuals for training teams who are not aware on how to use the software. Support documentation is clearly lacking and needs to be addressed.
  • Templates are missing and can result in difficulty in creating complex reports. Simple on-click reports are a breeze, but anything farther needs to be detailed out by the software provider.
  • Cost is expensive. Hence suitable for larger organizations
  • Lacking embedded BI and production reporting
  • Screen resolution. Spotfire has always struggled a bit with getting everything to fit on the screen and with printing/exporting to other application