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TIBCO Cloud™ Integration

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration
Empower Everyone to Integrate Anything: Easier and faster API-led integration

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration is the integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for users of all skill sets business users, integration specialists, or developers who need maximum speed and flexibility. Accessible as a secure, multi-tenant, and cloud based service, TIBCO Cloud Integration allows you to rapidly connect your critical cloud and on-premises business applications and data sources.

Operating with the speed, agility, and automation of a digital business requires you to integrate applications and data quickly. TIBCO Cloud™ Integration accelerates the integration process by empowering more people in your business to connect your information assets together no matter where they are hosted. Using an API-led approach that simplifies integration, and hundreds of connectors to popular endpoints and technologies, our enterprise iPaaS makes connecting everything in your business easier and faster.


  1. Establish an Agile Information Landscape
    With TIBCO, you’re not only able to manage your integration applications as APIs, you can use an API-led approach to integration. Your API product managers can create, publish, secure and analyze your API products, creating a seamless, connective tissue across your digital business that is based on easy to connect, standard interfaces.
  2. Connect Business Applications Quickly
    Make it easy for your business analysts and application owners to connect a wide variety of SaaS applications, databases, and business application including CRM, ERP, and marketing automation systems. Enable them to quickly wire applications and data together using business logic defined through a web browser-based, drag-and-drop interface.
  3. Integrate Mission-critical Applications
    Give your integrators the tools they need to create highly customizable and scalable integrations that meet your unique enterprise requirements. Enable them to deploy enterprise integration patterns based on APIs that are implemented visually within an environment that embeds DevOps capabilities.
  4. Develop Integrations for Digital Moments
    Your application developers can use embedded open source Project Flogo software to capture important digital events in real time – such as from IoT devices and customer engagement events created with APIs – and trigger flows that process these events in real time.


  1. Accelerate Your Integrations
    Empower a broad set of users with tailored experiences that enable them to integrate applications and data themselves. Arm them with pre-build connectors that speed connectivity to a wide variety of endpoints and technologies.
  2. Deploy and Access Anywhere
    Connect to your information assets no matter where you host the, with the flexibility to deploy integration apps on-premises, within containers, or to public clouds, serverless environments, and edge devices.
  3. Deliver Insights and Opportunities
    Tap into the transformative power of APIs to build a foundation that helps your business operate and adapt faster, automate decision-making, and use data to inspire innovation by quickly combining technology services using standard interfaces.

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