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TIBCO – Augment Intelligence (Part 2)

About spectrum that writer mentioned before, actually in the right way we not necessary using all of that capabilities to gain the benefit. People can use one of the capability dependently. But, this also kind of nice if we put them together into groups.

So, we combine visual and predictive and how they might fit together. The picture above depicted cycle of learning. Whereby people gain access to data, maybe join the other information and clean it up a little bit, calculate some new matrics, analyze the results model and then lather rinse repeat. The concept is that within the insight section, obviously this is an ongoing process.


Then, if people take the other half or slice lit a little bit differently, people also can take predictive and streaming together. From the picture above, people have built a model that predicts an outcome somebody churning from your organization or likelihood that a piece of equipment might you fail, you can put that model into production and run an operational systems that then can automatically make decisions or take action and then want to make sure that we are not creating bad material. At the other side, TIBCO  want to people know monitor the health of the situation and when necessary remodel or know revise way in which put that system together.

The concept from the picture above is that as explain insight and action should be tightly couple but loosely integrate if people will. TIBCO want people to be able to work independently in any area of interest to them but also facilitate for the customers to be able to really completely execute their business digital transformation.

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