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Why is Information Systems Important to Me, Organizations, and the Society?

Before stating the importance of Information Systems, you should get a little picture of the difference between Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT). IS is an umbrella term for the systems, people and processes. The field of information systems bridges business and computer science. Meanwhile IT falls under the IS umbrella but deals with the technology involved in the systems themselves. IT can be defined as the study, design, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems. Many people assume that Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS) are the same, because people assume they are all computer-based.

Why is an information system important to me?

We deal with information systems in our daily life. Think of all things you can do online like registering for classes, paying bills, searching for jobs, or making your travel reservations. Those examples show that IS are integral to our daily lives. Thanks to IS we may have a simpler life.

Second reason why IS is important to you is, IS used by all departments in a company. If you are majoring in IS or IT faculty, it will be easier for you to get a job. Project Manager, System Analyst, Network Manager, Database Administrator, Web Designer, and Chief Information Officer are few examples of job you may apply if you are a bachelor in IS or IT.

Why is an information system important to the organization?

There are several reasons why IS is important to the organization:

  1. IS will reduce the number of middle managers

IS will allow the lower manager to report directly to the top level manager without intermediary. IS integrates the computers used in the organizations which make the managers more productive.

  1. IS will change the managers responsibility

One of the most important tasks of the managers is to make a decision. Managers will have to gather data and report, learn it, and finally make a decision, in which those processes may take quite a time. With IS, gathering information and report will be much quicker. The computer also able to study the report and data, and make a statistic of that, resulting the mature information for the manager. For some systems, they also able to suggest what decision to take. Lot of help from IS may reduce the burden carried by managers

Why is an information system important to the society?

IS improves our quality of life. IS provides flexibility of time and location. An employee may do their work at home, check messages from their supervisor even no face to face meeting done that day. Indirectly, it affects our quality of life. The stress we usually experience from working 9 to 5, may be reduced. Works are easier, pressures are lessened.

To sum it all up, nowadays, we cannot live without both IT and IS. We are all getting used to it, and now live in a new era.


Introduction to Information Systems by R. Kelly Rainer and Casey G. Cegielski, third edition.

Wiza Teguh