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To managing their business, a company need to gain their budget and skills to IT infrastructure (hardware, software, infrastructure). Cloud computing is a paradigm that provide computing over the internet. Cloud computing optimizing data centers. It is providing software, hardware, and information resource. We can deploying the cloud computing into three deployment models such as Private cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud.

Private cloud is made for one organization, it is private and highly secured. A public cloud is owned by cloud service provider, it is offers the highest of efficiency. A Hybrid cloud is a combination of private and public cloud. In hybrid cloud is use in a public cloud and private cloud.

A Cloud can be contain by Infrastucture as a service (Iaas), Platform as a service (Paas), Software as a Service. By using the Iaas model, we can get a two components such as computing power and storage capacity. After that the organization can control overall IT Infrastucture. However the company should have a additional staff to support the IT infrastructure and the application.

Microsoft has propose the Remote desktop and Virtual Machine to Microsoft windows azure. On the Saas modeling, it is provide cloud base and storage application service. There are Microsoft application for business support such as Microsoft business productivity online suite be paas and Microsoft online. So the cloud computing provide wide world importers with an efficient and cost effective solution. There are sharepoint online and office live meeting too that can help the company to get an efficient collaboration solution, and another application tp focus on software evaluation and reduce the time and cost required for development and testing.

Cloud Computing basics contain by The advancement of the technology encompassing Networks, Storage, Processing Power Led to Epitome of Computing. Cloud computing is a paradigm to access and shared computing resources, this is a model for managing, storing, and processing data online via internet. There are some type of cloud computing such as On demand service (Us it when need it), Network Access (Uses internet as a medium), Shared Resources (Resources are pooled together)., Scalability (Elasticity of resources).

First is Saas, You need to know that this Software as a Service is on demand service, it is runs a single instance of the software, Available for multiple end users so it is so cheap and no need that much cost/ budget for company. It is like google docs, office 365, etc.

  • It is universally accessible
  • No Need to commute
  • Excellent for collaborative working
  • Vendor provides modest software tools
  • Allows for multi tenancy

Second is Platform as a Service that is :

Paas is used by The developer, there are several you need to know about Paas :

  • Cost effective rapid development
  • Faster Market for developers, Easy deployment
  • Private or public deployment is possible

Iaas is used by Sys Admins, There are application Gogrid, maazon web service, etc that provide IaaS, you need to know that IaaS :

  • The cloud provides infrastructure
  • Enhanced Scalability – Dynamic wokloads are supported
  • Flexible

Talk aboutcloud computing, cloud computing is an elastic of pooled computer resources via internet, it is automatically adjusts for unpredictable demand, limits financial risks, same physical hardware, economies of scale. There are pros and cons of cloud such as :

Why we should use cloud? Because it is a data aggregator, acquiring and analyzing market, buyer, and seller, data for real estate agents. It is improved and quality of data services at fraction of prior costs, cut in house hardware support staff by 65%. There are several network technology that support cloud such as :

There are several carriers and net neutrality such as the message broken into packets, The packets move across internet, passing through networks in telecom, Net neutrality principle such as : All data trated equally.

After that we will get the IP addressing benefit such as One public address per LAN, Eliminates registering public IP address with ICANN- Approved agencies, Protects against direct attack. For using SOA Principle, you need to know that Each Department formally states data to receives with request and data promised to return in response, every interaction done exactly same way. So how do organization use cloud?

Content Delivery Network (CDN), we use it to stores user data in many different geographical location and makes data available on demand and minimize latency. It is decreased< even guaranteed, Reduced load on origin server, increased reliability, protection form DOS attacks. Some kind of application for SAAS such as google mai;, google drive, office 365,, Microsoft CRM online, etc. IaaS provides basic hardware in the cloud, may acquire servers to load operating systems, considerable technical expertise and management.

Cloud service is faster, more secure, easier to use, and also cheaper,. Fewer organization own their computing infrastructure. More pooling servers across organization. It helps the company to gro the business, it also reduce cost. For example remote action system (Telediagnosis, telesurgery, telelaw enforcement). Net neutrality enabled (All users and content providers treated equally, no fast or slow, ISPs not allowed to block or slow, ISPs can’t charge heavy internet users additional fees or taxes). So for a secured data we need to have a greater accessibility and pamera blue cross. There are a key loggers, log files, packetsniffers, text mining that can be hacked by the hacker to our cloud.

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