School of Information Systems


Hi, Part-Time Assistant Recruitment is now opened. To know more about IS Laboratory please click this link :

What are the benefits of being an Assistant?

  • Teaching Experience
  • Training
  • Networking
  • Opportunity to become IS Laboratory Staff
  • Teaching Fee

Steps To Be An Information System Laboratory Assistant

Recruitment Process

What are the requirements :

  • Active Student of School of Information Systems (Information System, Accounting Information System, Information System Audit, Information System & Accounting, Information System & Management, IS Master Track, Business Information Technology)
  • Minimum GPA 3.00
  • Minimum 3rd Semester (Except Information System & Management Minimum 5th Semester)
  • Completed with minimum Grade B in one of these IS Laboratory Subjects : User Experience (ISYS6209), Information Systems Analysis and Design(ISYS6188), Advance Information Systems Analysis and Design (ISYS6163), Accounting Information System Development (ISYS6122),
  • Score is not obtained from Short Period Result

If you interested, Register yourself on:

  • Please prepare your Formal Self Potrait with maximum size 100kb (150 px * 200 px)

Before October 6th, 2018

Announcement will publish at Announcement Board in front of Information System Laboratory (Syahdan Campus), ,and your Email.