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Skills Needed to Be a Great UI/UX Designer

An UI/UX designer concerns not only about what UX (User Experience) designer usually do, but also about the design of the UI (User Interface). An UX designer is all about the feeling of the product when users start to use the product. An UX designer must make sure that their product not only easy to use by users, but also satisfy users. On the other hand, an UI designer is all about the design and visual of the product. An UI designer lays out what UX designer pictured about the product. If those two professions combined, we get a profession which is called UI/UX designer. One person must produce user interface with the picture to satisfy users. To become not only good, but great UI/UX designer, there are some skills that we need to make sure that our product UI really delivered at its best to users. These are the skills:

  1. User Avocation

User avocation means we, as an UI/UX designers, must know well about their own target users. Usability testing is one of the way to gather information about what users like and don’t. Users’ feedback about our product is very important because at the end, users are the ones who consume and use our product. The feeling of becoming an UI and UX designer cannot be separated to gain users’ behavior, feedback and feeling. After gaining all the things we need from users and know the answer, it is the best to rework our idea to fit what users want.

  1. Visual Communication

Visualization of our idea and work is important to be able to present it. There are many ways to present our idea and work, most importantly to project managers, developers and other designers. Three most common ways are by creating wireframe, mockup, and prototype. Those kinds of visualization can make our idea and work seem easier to understand. Soft skill is also needed for an UI/UX designer to communicate their idea well.

  1. Digital Design Software

This skill is critically important for an UI/UX designers because they should create things, such as logo, interface, or sketches. To build interactive interfaces, UI/UX designers should be skilled in design software. Common design softwares are adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, inVision, etc.

  1. Empathy and Critical Thinking

This type of skill is similar with the first one, which is user avocation. This skill requires you, as an UI/UX designer to be able to understand users well. From users’ concerns, complaints, and struggles, we can understand more about what we should build or do for our product. This skill requires you to think about when you are in the user’s position or we can simply said empathize with users.

  1. Moving Forward

Moving forward means that we should reach all areas to be able to give the best for our users. Developing each visuals and experience are the challenge for an UI/UX designer.

Amelia Anggraini