School of Information Systems



The scope for this thesis is to design a dashboard for managers to use every day so they would be able to see how they perform that day. The data that will be displayed is data from the operational department which will see how may fleet were utilize and passenger movement as well any problem that accured.

Aims and Benefit

The aims after this thesis is created is to design a dashboard that displayed the most important information up front. Making the job on the field easier for managing passenger need.

With the benefit of:

Simplifying the operation of Transjakarta bus. With much more simple Tranjakarta operation it will make the whole company much easier to handle.

Giving relevant and manageable information every day with easy to read information. As well as the ease of comparing todays data with the past one.

Optimizing fleet utilizations. When the current fleet are optimize there would not be a waste in resource that a company has.


Methodology used in this thesis for the data collection is by:

Surveying, in survey writer will gather data in the field to get most accurate and current data as possible. By getting the current and real data the application can be tested in the real world condition that will translate to the readiness of the system

Literature review, with studying with already publish literature writer can understand more on how to design a dashboard and learn from other mistakes to create this thesis.

Interview, to know how the current system running and how they want it to develop to. By knowing that the system that has already run,

Writer can see what part of it can be improved and what part of it that is not appropriate to implement.

        Methodology for this thesis analysis is by:

For analyzing the systems that are currently running in the company the book Introduction to System Analysis and Design An Agile, Iterative Approach (2012) is used here.

Another analysis methodology that are used is SWOT analysis in the book Strategic Management Concept and Design (2008).

        Methodology for designing digital dashboard is by:

Designing dashboard theory in the book Performance Dashboard Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business Eckerson W. (2006). Where there are three type of dashboard:

1. Operational Dashboard

Monitor operational process that used by frontline workers that manage organizational product and services

2. Tactical Dashboard

To track departmental process and to compare performance in project forecast or last period result.

3. Strategic Dashboard

Execution of strategic objective using balanced scorecard approach.

Evaristus Didik Madyatmadja, ST., M.Kom., M.T