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Project Human Resource Management Matrix

Figure 1. HR management matrix


In this matrix we could see that there are some parts as mentioned above and we are going to specify it a little deeper. In planning process, the project manager can develop a Human Resource Plan. HR management plan consist of identifying the current human resource within the company and establish some points for them to give them the idea of what they going to make in the project. HR plan includes some points such as:

  • Roles and responsibilities
    1. Role: the description of what is the specific employee’s job description and what they will do in the project.
    2. Authority: the description of limitation of the specific employee. This is the measurement of their action during the project.
    3. Responsibility: the description of the points that must be achieved by the employee and what can they get if they didn’t achieve or break the rule of that point.
    4. Competency: the description of to measure whether the employee has done good enough or not in the project
  • Project Organization Chart: Adocument that graphically depicts the project team members and their interrelationships for a specific project.
  • Staffing Management plan
    1. Staff Acquisition: the plan of how will they get the staff to do the project.
    2. Resource calendars: an output of Acquire Project Team process.
    3. Staff release plan: the plan of when will the staffing is out and announced.
    4. Training needs: the training plan and what kind of training will the staffs need in order for them to be able to do the project.
    5. Recognition and rewards: the definition of what kind of reward and recognition that the staff will get when they reached some certain point of goal in the project.
    6. Compliance and safety: the plan of what are our actions in order to make the staffs work in a good and safe environment to increase their productivity.
Sugiarto Hartono