School of Information Systems

Mobile Commerce in Our Daily life – Part 4


Some of the advantages that make m-commerce become an alternative trading today and is predicted to be highly developed and demand big in the future such as:

  • The purpose of this word that the technology used by m-commerce has the advantage to be used and accessed anywhere, so that the information obtained and communication that can do real-time.
  • The purpose of this word that the technology used by m-commerce such as cell-phone or any other mobile technology can lighten the work of users, because it is very light, does not take place or space specifically, while the facilities provided almost the same as PC users or laptop.
  • As for some of the advantages of m-commerce is expected to boost the development of the system itself, such as:
  • The development of the cell phone. It is predicted that in 2006, cell phone users will reach 3-4 million people worldwide. The significant number also open the chance of developing m-commerce better. Additionally predicted nearly 70% of the latter have access to the internet.
  • Does not require a PC. When the cell phone is already beginning to have access to the Internet, of course the role of the PC will begin to be abandoned. Moreover, various types and models of cell phones that have the ability to resemble a PC as a PDA, causing the PC began to be abandoned because of the excess of the cell phone that can be easily carried and do not require extensive space placement.
  • Cell phone has become a culture. The popularity of the use of cell phones has become a social phenomenon, especially for the generation aged between 15-25 years. Cell phone has become a primary device and the requirement that all facilities contained therein put to good use for that generation.
  • The development of technology and price. With the growing diversity of the type of cell phone that is produced, the price of the cell phone is getting cheaper, while increasing the facilities offered


The boundaries of the m-commerce can inhibit the development of m-commerce itself in the future can be seen below. The limitations are as follows:

  • Standardisation of security protocol. There is still lack of agreement and standardization of the methodology of data safety in using the entire mobile-enabled web site. This is related to our users’ trust in the m-commerce such as online payment activities and so on.
  • Bandwidth capacity to the existing connection is still limitation for today’s 3G development. So that in some countries the development of the modern Internet network yet can not support the development of 3G.
  • 3G licenses. Most licensing of the use and development of 3G was tendered by the governments of several countries. In some other countries, the 3G licenses are not sold or tendered at a cheap price. These differences led to some countries can not be serviced or 3G standards although there is certainly at a very expensive price.
  • Transmission limitations also become an obstacle to the development of m-commerce. Some of the major things such as weather, situations and geographical conditions of the area and boundaries of the transmit power of the waves.
  • Consumption of large power supply. As more and improve on the bandwidth requirements of the m-commerce would require the amount of power supply / battere also increase further.
  • Disappointment users. During development companies m-commerce are still trying to perfect the technology, of course, limitations still exist that can sometimes disappoint the existing users and affect the users support for the development of m-commerce itself.


Marisa Karsen and Maria Margaretha Andoko