School of Information Systems

Information Systems Foundation for Business

Not only learn about information systems, but also learn information technology. We live in a modern era, which is most of our daily life using technology. In business also to support business process, information system and technologies are really helpful. Because it makes the works more effective and efficient. Not only that, it also can help us to do a decision making and group collaboration. By using information systems and technologies will improve the performance of our business and also bring our business to the level of success. Information System means the structured composite of people, hardware, software, communication networks, data resources, and policies procedures that keeps, retrieves and spread the information in an organization. Information systems have three fundamental roles in order to perform a business enterprise as follows: (Marakas, 2013).

  • Support of business processes and operations
  • Support business decision making
  • Support strategies for competitive advantage

So, every kind of business needs Information Systems. For the example, seller needs buyer transaction information to make strategy that make buyer happy and frequently buy items from them. Company needs employees’ information, including working hour and job portfolio to decide their bonus and increasing salary. Directors need company performance report to help them make future strategy, and so on.

Technology develops very fast and most all off business use internet and related technologies to operate their business. Many businesses today utilize e-business as the function of internet technologies to work and improve their business processes. E-business means the use of internet technologies to improve business processes, e-commerce, and collaborate with company and its customers, suppliers, and other business stakeholders.        E-commerce is buying, selling, marketing and services. E-commerce is the part of e-business. There are also enterprise collaboration systems, which use software tools to support the communication, coordination and collaboration between the members of networked teams and groups. These kinds of information systems are now implemented in the company to help company run business process.

Nowadays, there are a several companies that use information systems rather than company assets, such as Gojek, Grab, Uber, Tokopedia, Lazada, etc. These companies use internet and mobile technology to run their business to reach broader customers. In customers’ side, customer can fell different atmosphere where interact with these kinds of companies through their Smartphone, tab, or notebook because they don’t have to go to the store or call taxi to make an order, but can directly use their gadgets. Moreover, Information Systems can make our life become convenience and easier.


Marakas, O. (2013). Introduction to Information Systems. New York: Mc Graw Hills.

Marisa Karsen, S.Kom, MM