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NFC Implementation in our Daily Life

Technology develops very fast and people need technology for doing business. Information Technology is all forms of technology used to create, store, exchange, and use information (Pearson & Saunders, Strategic Management Information Systems, 2009, p. 16) and has important role in our business. Every company need IT to run their business and IT has made a significant contribution to economic growth and quality of life. Nowadays, people are aware and always waiting for new technology. We can see if there is something new or different technology, people are willing to try the new technology. In another country, such as USA and also Asian country, such as Korea, there is new technology to doing daily life transaction, which is Near Field Communication (NFC).NFC is a short range wireless technology compatible with contactless smart cards (ISO/IEC 14443) and radiofrequency identification (RFID).  NFC is on the 13.56 MHz frequency band and operates at a distance of less than 4 cm. It uses magnetic field induction for communication and powering the chip. (Muhammad Qasim Saeed, 2012). There are several comparisons between NFC, Bluetooth and Infrared as follows:

Category NFC Bluetooth Infrared
Network Configuration Peer to Peer Point-to-Point Peer-to-Peer
Range 0.1 m Up to 10 m Up to 1m
Speed Up to 424 kbit/s Up to 721 kbit/s 115 kbit/s
Set up Time < 0.1 s About 6 s About 0.5 s
Security Yes (Hardware) Yes (Protocol Level) No (Except IFRM)
Communication modes Active to Active

Active to Passive

Active to Active

Active to Active

Table 1. Comparison between NFC, Bluetooth, and Infrared

Source : (Manas Pulipati, 2013)

By using NFC, we can do the transactions faster and more efficient because only use our smartphone with capability to exchange digital content and connect electronic devices. We also get business benefits, such as security advantages, interoperability with existing contactless card technologies, and ease of use (Science, 2013)

How NFC works? We can describe how NFC works by using this scheme:


How NFC works? We can describe how NFC works by using this scheme:

Figure 1. NFC work

Source : (, 2014)


The first devices that we need to run NFC are smartphone which already embedded with NFC and NFC tag in the tenant’s devices. First we tap our smartphone into NFC tag devices, and then initiator in NFC tag generates a Radio frequency (RF) field with a range of about 4 cm. The target picks up the RF fields  and receives the data it contains. It’s easy right? NFC can be use in many kind of business process, such as mobile marketing, public transportation, mobile payments, boarding pass and check in, hotel reservation, etc. So, we can start with introduce NFC technology to Indonesia community. (Marisa Karsen)


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Marisa Karsen, S.Kom, MM