School of Information Systems

Strategic Information System: How to use and exploit the internet for small to medium business

Judul Strategic Information System: How to use and exploit the internet for small to medium business.  (Research SI-2012-16)
Skema Penelitian dana internal (HIBAH BINUS)
Tahun Anggaran 2012
Ketua Peneliti ErycoPutra, S.Kom., MM
Anggota Peneliti Angellia Debora Suryawan, S.Kom; AyuPratiwi, S.Kom.


Many companies realize on how important to use the information from any aspects around their business such as human resources, customer, finance, products, rival, etc. The one who can use the information at its best can win the competition or at least they can have competitive advantages than the others. During the time, people try to find a way to use the information and deliver it to make a well-informed decisions for their business. The information era has changed our day-to-day operations, there are many systems developed to help organisations and management to find the best way to use the information and drive it to improve their profit.

Nowadays, information not only found in one place and nearby the company but it can be found worldwide through the internet. We now can know the trends of the market, customer behaviors in other countries, the situation and economic condition, and many things. Meanwhile, the comScore company ( reported that the internet sales in US is increase every year. The growth can be seen as people use internet more extensively.

We have heard and counted how many businesses who success in selling their products through the internet, but some of them are failed to exploit internet or even they have failed from the beginning to build a system. There are many aspects that affected the bad result such as wrong target market, bad differentiation, failed execution in marketing strategy, and many more. It can be conluded on bad strategic planning.

In Indonesia, small and medium companies have to struggle to be competitive. One of the ways to be remain in the business is how they can create and execute their strategic business very well. The strategic business includes many aspects in their company and one of them is how they can build a good stategic information system to help them work effectively and efficiently.

Building a good strategic information system to use and exploit the internet is not an easy matter but there is no exact methodology can be used and ensure the success to the company. Every company have to find their own best way to find the appropriate methodology to help them construct a good strategy. However, there are also plenty methodologies and or guidelines that can help them to decide and manage their strategy. This research will looks at the key features on how a company find their own identity and decide a proper methodology to be used along their business.


Keywords: Information, Strategy, Information Strategy, System, Methodology, Guideline