School of Information Systems

Satya Windy

I’m flashing back to the experiences of 3,5 years ago, when I sing Binusian 2012 jingle and there are the following sentence : “Sure I can achieve my goal..”
According to the jingle, I can achieve all of my dreams in 3,5 years. Binus is never promising all of the student will be graduated quickly and right, but Binus always support of each students to be able to pass rapidly and on time.

Not only that, even Binus helped me tremendously in developing each potential that exists within both hardskill nor softskill. One of that is become an Assistant of IS Laboratory Binus that helped me to improve my analytical think.

PROUD TO BE BINUSIAN~ That’s the thing what I’ll shout out when people asked to me why I choose Binus.

If I sang : “Sure I can achieve my goal.” on 3,5 years ago, so now I wanna say : “Yes, we did it!!”

Satya Windy – BINUSIAN 2012 (angkatan 2008)

Information Systems (e-Business)

Functional Architect
ATI Business Group – Jakarta