School of Information Systems

Diana Utomo

I have worked as an external IT auditor for more than two years in one of big four audit firm in Indonesia. It is part of my job to identify the weaknesses in client IT environment from access security, change management, operational perspective and improvement opportunity. Based on my experiences, IT department is still struggling to be strategic business partners contributing to business value instead of cost center. Ideally, IT and business alignment is desired situation which every organization wants to obtain optimal return of their investment in IT.  However, this alignment is not easily to be achieved because of gap between IT personnel and business user’s objective and perspective. IT people and business users seem to speak in different language and goal.

Therefore, to ensure the investment in IT generates the required business value and that risks associated with IT are mitigated, well managed IT governance to ensure good alignment between IT and business objective are required. It needs certain expertise in controls, IT security and business perspective to implement good IT Governance, and experience and knowledge as IS/IT auditor are suitable to fulfill above expertise to implement IT Governance.

Demand of IS/IT auditor are growing every year, especially in accounting firm as external auditor and IT-dependent company such as banking or telecommunication company as internal auditor. Hopefully new course – IS Audit in BINUS UNIVERSITY can fulfill the demand of IS/IT auditors and prepare knowledgeable fresh graduate.


Diana Utomo – BINUSIAN 2008

Senior Auditor – Pricewaterhouse Coopers