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The improvement of Information technology has encouraged national and international industries to implement the company's computerized information systems in all fields. One area which is an important function in a company, the accounting and finance field that be in every company both manufacturing and non-manufacturing, most have implemented a computerized information systems widely in processing financial transactions from the beginning of the business process to the company's financial reporting. Since most of the areas of accounting and finance is based on information technology, the need for workers with accounting and financial capability is a must, and also master the latest information technology. The ability to use business applications and accounting applications with scientific understanding and good communication is a basic requirement in the industry. Computerized Accounting is an excellent option for those who want to turn their Accounting and computer skills into viable careers, why ? Computerized Accounting skills are essential to any business practice The manual accounting system is being replaced by computerized systems. Today, employment is required capability that is ready to work Once you complete a Computerized Accounting, you could work for almost any business in any industry. The Computerized Accounting Study Program Bina Nusantara University prepares graduates to become a professional in the field of ICT-based Accounting and Finance. Provide a learning experience while working in industry. Graduates will have the ability to master the accounting and information technology in the form of business and accounting applications. Catalog 2013 (PDF), Catalog 2014 (PDF), Catalog 2015 (PDF), Catalog 2016 (PDF), Catalog 2017 (PDF)  


Becoming a study program of choice in Computerized Accounting Diploma Program which specializes in Accounting Information Technology Application, is recognized nationally and delivers qualified graduates.


The  mission of Computerized Accounting Department is to contribute to the global community through the provision of world-class education by:
  1. Recognizing and rewarding the most creative and value adding talents
  2. Educating students with knowledge, practices and good character in accounting information technology through hands-on experience in the use of accounting software.
  3. Preparing graduates in global industry/entrepreneurship by providing conducive learning process, practical instruction in business applications, intensive research activities and collaboration with global industries.
  4. Conducting professional services focuses on Business applications with an emphasis on application of knowledge to the society
  5. Improving the quality of life on Indonesians and the international community through Business Applications sharing knowledge to society.

Program Objective

The objectives of the program are:
  1. To provide students with a solid foundation of accounting and business process knowledge as professional computerized accountant.
  2. To provide students with applied accounting and business application knowledge for specific industry purposes
  3. To provide students with hands-on skills and knowledge to enter accounting field in any type of general office environment.

Student Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates are:
  1. Able to create information system software on a variety transaction (human resources, tax, finance, production, assets, purchasing, and marketing)
  2. Able to identify and analyze problems in information system software related transaction information in a variety of functions (human resources, tax, finance, production, assets, purchasing, and marketing).
  3. Able to choose software development method and accounting system method include transaction in a variety of functions (human resources, tax, finance, production, assets, purchasing, and marketing).
  4. Able to operate accounting information system software in preparing and presenting financial report in accordance with financial accounting standard with the aim of providing financial and business performance information,
  5. Able to implement the basic of taxation concept in accounting information concept based on applicable tax regulation.
  6. Able to identify needs of accounting information system related in transaction in a variety of function (human resources, tax, finance, production, assets, purchasing, and marketing).
  7. Able to evaluate business process of accounting information system in manufacture industry, services and trade related business functions within the organization.
  8. Able to develop accounting information system software in the process of recording transaction in business functions within the organization.
  9. Able to operate software in presenting the organization’s budget plan.

Prospective Career of the Graduates

Working in the field of computerized Accounting and Finance for national and international companies or develop business in ICT-based accounting and finance.

Course Structure for Binusian 2021

Sem Code Course Name SCU Total
1 ACCT5106 Accounting Principles I 2/2 20
COMP6088 Introduction to Information Technology 2
CHAR6023 Character Building: Pancasila 2
COMP5050 Introduction to Programming 2/4
ACCT5107 Accounting Principles II 2/2
CHAR6024 Character Building: Kewarganegaraan 2
2 CHAR6025 Character Building: Agama 2 20
ACCT5108 Intermediate Accounting I 2/2
COMP5146 Business Application Development 2/4
ISYS5185 Information System Concept 2
ACCT5109 Intermediate Accounting II 2/2
ENTR6003 Entrepreneurship I 2
3 ISYS6095 Information System Development 2/2 24
ACCT5110 Cost Accounting I 2/2
ISYS6349 Introduction to Database 2/2
ACCT5111 Cost Accounting II 2/2
ISYS5350 Business Process Fundamental 2
LANG6032 English Professional 4
ENTR6004 Entrepreneurship II 2
4 ISYS6005 Accounting Information Systems 4/2 24
ACCT5112 Advanced Accounting I 2/2
ISYS5351 Information Systems Project Management 2/2
COMP5164 Web Based Application Development 2/2
ACCT5113 Advanced Accounting II 2/2
ISYS5044 Professional Ethics 2
5 TAXN5018 Taxation Accounting 2/2 16
ISYS5180 Internship 4
STAT6021 Research Methodology 2
FINC5094 Corporate Budgeting 2
FINC5044 Financial Management 2/2
6 ISYS5352 Final Project 6 6

Prerequisites for Binusian 2021

There is no prerequisite for this program

Quality Controlled Courses for Binusian 2021

Student should pass all of these quality controlled courses as listed below:
No Code Course Name Minimum Grade
1 CHAR6023 Character Building: Pancasila B
2 ENTR6004 Entrepreneurship II C
3 ACCT5106 Accounting Principles I C
4 COMP5050 Introduction to Programming C
5 ISYS5185 Information System Concept C
6 ISYS6095 Information System Development C
7 ISYS5350 Business Process Fundamental C
8 ISYS6005 Accounting Information Systems C


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