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Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRM refers to systems for providing effective and efficient communication with the customer from the entire organization. Collaborative CRM systems facilitate the sharing of information across the various departments of an organization to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Sharing useful customer information. on a company-wide basis helps improve information quality and can be used to identify products or services a customer may be interested in. A collaborative CRM system supports customer communication and collaboration with the entire organization, thus providing more streamlined customer service with fewer handoffs. The customer engagement center (as described previously) enables customers to utilize the communication method they prefer when interacting with the organization. In other words, collaborative CRM integrates the communication related to all aspects of the marketing, sales, and support processes to better serve and retain customers. Collaborative CRM enhances communication in the following ways: 

  1. Greater Customer Focus 

Understanding customer history and current needs helps to focus the communication on issues important to the customer. 

  1. Lower Communication Barriers 

Customers are more likely to communicate with the organization when personnel have complete information and when they utilize the communication methods and preferences of the customer. 

  1. Increased Information Integration 

All information about the customer as well as all prior and ongoing communication is given to all organizational personnel interacting with the customer; customers can get status updates from any organizational touch point. 

In addition to these benefits, collaborative CRM environments are flexible such that theycan support both routine and nonroutine events. 



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