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Wireless Technology and The Effects for Mobile Commerce

Wireless is a connection that connected without any physical wired connection between sender and receiver. Instead of wire, wireless connection transmits the data using radio waves or microwaves. This kind of connection can be access and done by a lot of people and at the same time, so it more flexible than wired connection. Because wireless connection can be access by a lot of people, the speed and the strength of the connection will be spread and will be slower. 

The most common wireless connection/network implementation that we used everyday are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. To access the wireless connection, we also need wireless device. Wireless device is a device that able to use or access the connection wirelessly. Wireless device consist of computers, mobile devices, and other equipment. (printer, smart TV, camera) 

Wireless connection is very useful in any areas of life. It connects people and solve daily problems. The implementation can be found on our daily life. The example, we use our smartphone that connected to the internet via network card or Wi-Fi. Also can be found on Global Positioning System, radio, and other wireless devices. 

Wireless technology also make a big impact for mobile commerce. Mobile commerce is a improvement or next step of e-commerce which buying and selling activity are carried out by mobile device. Nowadays, the internet speed is faster than many years ago. Especially, there are rumors that said 5G will be coming soon.  

Compared to E-commerce, mobile commerce is more portable, easier, and costs less. With mobile commerce, we can easily shopping online from online store. We can do it anywhere as long as our mobile device is connected to wireless network. Mobile commerce also can send advertising message to our device about nearby shops, malls, restaurants and provide some useful information about local services and conditions based on ours locations. 

There is also mobile commerce application that provide service to do mobile banking. People can easily get their account information and can transfer funds to others with mobile devices. There are also Wireless Electronic Payment Systems applications that allowed us to do instant and secure payment with our mobile devices. And then there are mobile wallets and wireless bill payments applications. Mobile wallets application allows cardholders to make purchases with a single click from their mobile devices. Wireless bill payments which is provided by banking institutions allow the users to pay their bills directly from their cell phones. 

All of these benefits of mobile commerce cannot be felt if there is no wireless technology. With wireless technology, our mobile devices is very useful and become a necessity. But, this wireless technology also have a radiation that may be harm to our body for a long term use. So, use it wisely. 

Fransiskus Ferrel