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Cloud Computing for Companies during Pandemic Era

  • Introduction 

COVID-19 has caused various disruptions around the world. This virus was discovered back in December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei, China. This virus then spread across the globe infecting several countries.  

Almost all sectors, such as small and large companies, hospitals, education, have been forced to move and convert services into electronical devices. This makes businesses like Facebook, The University of Jordan, and others become dependent to the use of cyberspace for daily activities. Due to the increasing speed of virus spread around the world, the use of online services has been rising extremely high 


  • Discussion 

With higher demands on technology and online services, more activities can be done through online services, such as merchandise purchases, bill payments, education, medical consultation, and hotel reservations. Due to this issue, the competition between businesses has revolving around customer satisfaction on their online services. 

The usage of cloud computing applications has increased in all volume, velocity, and variety in data that is being generated every minute around the globe through various services and applications by companies. In a new era of digital transformation, companies will face new challenges related to handle big data. In this new era, companies will have to be able to manage and handle big data to survive in the new digital market.  

They can do that by investigating their customer’s demands and desires. From there, they can use that research to further capture, analyze, and evaluate their decisions for their future. Organizations in this digital era should be able to identify their critical data sources, structures, and architecture, and to define the infrastructure that supports their big data analysis. 

With big data, organizations can make their decisions based on the analysis of high volumes of data from various sources, such as IoT. For organizations to benefit with big data, they need to have high levels of preparations in terms of application, tools, and resources. They also need to invest and plan new rules and policies to ensure their data security, data privacy, data accuracy, data quality, and data control. The growing volume, variety, and velocity of data will of course increase the need for more preparations in the future.  

There is one crucial point in cloud computing, cloud computing is made up of a pool of computing resources that can be configured and edited. This offers uniqueness of quick setup with minimal service interactions. Other than that, cloud computing can handle high demands of services in this pandemic era, and because of how quick the setup and how minimum service interactions are needed, the adoption of cloud computing services reduces the cost and setup complexity.  


  • Conclusion 

In this pandemic era, demands on online services have increased tremendously, therefore organizations compete based on customer’s satisfaction on their cloud computing services, such as, applications. From the customer’s reviews, the organization receives a big amount of volume, velocity, and variety of data from the customers, these are called big data, and organizations need to be able to process and handle this big data to make decisions and plans about the regulations, policies, and steps to take or make next. During this pandemic era, cloud computing has become one of the main supporting pillars of online services, that is why in order to survive in this pandemic era, organizations and other businesses need to convert to online services like cloud computing applications or services. 


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Elian Nathaniel