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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one way to increase traffic from a company website. SEO can improve a website’s position when it is crawled with keywords in search engines. The use of SEO is done in order to achieve a top position and is a search with an organic index on search queries with keywords in search engines. SEO also provides ongoing and continuous information about customer behavior on the Internet. 

Two types of SEO techniques can be applied in digital marketing strategy, namely SEO On Page and SEO Off Page. On Page SEO is an SEO technique that focuses on optimizing the content of the website. Website optimization can be done by creating interesting content, using keywords when writing content, navigating systems and sitemaps on the website, using heading tags and using domain names that are easy to remember or search engineered permit. One important aspect that needs to be done is providing a unique title that describes the content of the website. Titles that are similar on one website to another are treated as duplicates by search engines. The use of titles with short sentences must also be taken into account. Meta tags that summarize the content of the page should be as short as possible and relate to the content of the page. 160 characters descriptions can improve the SEO of the page. Creating URLs that use more words can increase search engine visibility. 

With SEO On Page Optimization, the optimization takes place on the website, while with SEO Off Page Techniques, the optimization takes place outside the website. Off page SEO refers to backlinks; H. the process of linking from one website to another. Optimization with Off Page SEO can be done by using internet forums, blog walking and registering websites with search engines. The quality of the backlink influences the ranking of the page. 

By implementing SEO on a website, one hopes that the website can appear on the first page in search engines, which has an impact on increasing visitor traffic. Statistical data from O’Neill and Curran (2011) shows that 62% of people select websites or websites that appear on the first search page with the keywords they are looking for. And 77% of people choose organic search over paid search (advertising) when searching. It also shows that 67% of people choose organic search to buy goods or services through the website. Thus, an increase in visitor traffic to the website can have an impact on increasing sales. SEO provides benefits by promoting consumer awareness of the product, consumer views, and the desire to buy from consumers. (Bhandari and Bansal 2018) (Artanto and Nurdiyansyah 2017) 


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