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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the action of a company or company to market its products through the internet or through various social media. In other words, the concept of digital marketing can also be closed as a form of marketing that includes digital communication media. 

In the business world, the more people know about your company, the faster the company will receive transactions. Digital marketing plays a very important role in getting customers’ attention According to a report courtesy of HubSpot, Google processes an estimated 63,000 searches per second. The popularity of search engines in our daily lives can be a source of passive sales for companies that rank first in Google search results. 

Here are some reasons why digital marketing is so important to a business. 

  • Help reach your target audience 

Most of the target customers you are looking for can be reached online either via social media or personal contacts (email & WhatsApp). Also, most activities can be done online these days, be it in the context of work or everyday life. 

  • Accelerate business growth 

Leveraging digital channels for marketing really helps accelerate business development as no physical media is required. In addition, all marketing materials can be distributed worldwide with just a few clicks. 

  • Simplify the strategy assessment 

One of the greatest advantages of digital marketing over conventional methods is the simple evaluation of the marketing results. You can directly monitor how many people you are reaching, the average time to read / view content and the percentage of conversions generated. 

  • Reduce marketing costs

Compared to traditional marketing methods, the budget required for digital marketing is much cheaper and more efficient. With current and accurate data, you can evaluate the strategy more effectively. You can determine which strategies are working and which are in need of improvement without guessing the cause. 

  • Building a business image in the digital world 

Most companies also use digital marketing as a method to build the character or personality of their business. This is done with the goal of humanizing a company so that customers are more interested in interacting, which of course can increase their loyalty. Netflix Indonesia is an example of a company that is realizing the benefits of digital marketing on their social media. 

Types of digital marketing : 

  • Website 

The website is one of the media to introduce and promote a brand’s products or services. By using the website, it is very possible to reach the target user more widely from all corners of the region. 

  • Search engine marketing 

The second type that is widely used today is search engine marketing. Whereby it is further divided into two types, namely SEO and SEM. For SEO itself, it’s included in digital marketing without spending a lot of capital to help the website get on the first page of the  

Google search engine. Meanwhile, SEM stands for (Search Engine Marketing), the purpose used is the same as SEO, but the cost is also quite high. Because SEM relies on advertising for every click a user makes to get to your website. 

    • Email Marketing 

You can promote various product-related content or information for dissemination via email. 

    • Social Media Marketing 

Form of advertising through social networks. An example are Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and Instagram ads. The advantage that you can achieve by using social media yourself is that there are no high processing fees and that customers can be reached extensively via the channel you have created. 

    • Online advertising 

Paid form of digital marketing over the internet. You have to pay a little more, but you will become consumers and results faster than an SEO strategy.V 

    • Video Marketing 

in the form of videos to display information about your product or service. One of the channels to promote your product or service is Youtube. Here you can upload various interesting video content related to your business products and business activities. 

Marisa Karsen