School of Information Systems

Graphical User Interface

For almost half century user interface has became our main tool to interact with every electronic device that exist in the world. From our Smartphone, Personal Computer (PC) even with our car. User interface invented in early 1980 by Xerox Company but Apple started give it all to their consumer first. With User Interface people interaction became easier and more fun, back in the day when computer still a big machine inside a room only people known as tech savvy know how to operate it. So today with the evolution of technology can User Interface become a new tool to increase the traffic for a business ? How User Interface is will affect customer interest to the app ?

“Behavioral design is all about feeling in control. Includes: usability, understanding, but also the feel.”

-Don Norman

                Why we love or hate a day-to-day life is in the human mind that has many areas responsible for what we call emotions or feel. Collectively, this region consists of an emotional system that affects our experience of the world in a certain way. Then, about the usability basically refers to the practical and functional aspects of a product or anything that can be used that we can use in our environment. In designing we also need to understand why we have to design and for what later and the impact we will provide. Can User Interface be a new tool to increase traffic for businesses? can be yes or no it depend on the app itself. Because User Interface is the way human communicate with their device, lets say if the developer make useful app just like Instagram. They make people easier to share their photo to the world without reducing the photo resolution. In this case User Interface can be critical stuff to make user stay with their app. If they make the User Interface not friendly for user, the app will not survive in the future or even can’t compete with their competitor. How User Interface is will affect customer interest to the app ? User Interface will affect customer interest to the app through emotion. In the world of visual design we know that color can affect customer behavior. For example look at the picture belowI want you to look at left phone for 10 second and right phone for 10 second, which one do you think can make your more calm ? if you chose the left phone that you are right, because the right phone will increase your emotion if you see it for more than 10 second. Choosing great background color for designing User Interface can make your app more interesting for customer. When customer use the app and they feel comfortable they will use it more often and it will make your app more interesting than app with too bright color like the right one.

So conclusion we get, Graphical User Interface is the most important thing in today business especially if the company is work on tech industry. Because like I said above User Interface can increase the app traffic and also can make user addicted with the app.

Winna Young