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Technology Solution with TIBCO Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology Solution with TIBCO Internet of Things (IoT)
Tri Nur Auliyaa – S3904

Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most important technologies of the 21st century. IoT is a network of responsive devices and everyday objects that are connected via the internet. They are embedded with sensors that enable them to collect and exchange data without human intervention. In this hyperconnected world, digital systems can record, monitor, and adjust each interaction between connected things. The physical world meets the digital world—and they cooperate.


  1. Make decisions in real time with IoT

With the continued rise of the Internet of Things and the rapidly increasing number of edge devices comes a huge amount of data that needs to be acted upon quickly. Company no longer have to wait for data to return to the system. We put intelligence on the devices themselves, so company can derive insights and act in real-time.

  1. Use IoT to improve operational efficiency

With any Internet of Things solution, by using edge-native apps, company can improve sense and response time while also lowering costs through keeping the intelligence at the edge. Costly network traffic streaming to the cloud becomes unnecessary with company’s IoT implementation.

  1. Simplified IoT

Simplify Internet of Things development.

  1. Innovate with smart apps

Solving customer’s digital business problems, speed is critical and ideas need to become fully functional applications in minutes not months. Creating and delivering new engagement models and customer experiences are now easy and fast.


  1. Connect on the Edge

Collect data from sensors, aggregate it, run logic, and connect to company’s cloud services. TIBCO is one-stop shop for IoT implementation.

  1. Intelligent Edge Devices

TIBCO enables company’s edge devices to execute app logic independent of company core systems, making your Internet of Things more powerful.

  1. No Device is an Island

Company need to make sense of data produced at the edge. TIBCO predictive analytics and modeling tools will help company gain insights on Internet of Things data so, they can act in real time.

  1. Easy IoT Development

TIBCO simplifies connectivity with a flow-based, web UI for building integration applications for Internet of Things edge devices.

  1. Light as a Feather: The lightest IoT framework

Boasting the lightest Internet of Things connectivity framework around, Project Flogo™ is light as a feather with heavy weight capabilities.

  1. Rapid App Development

Accelerate time-to-value by rapidly creating and launching applications leveraging the Internet of Things, then enhancing and expanding them over time. Quickly bring new ideas to life based on end-user feedback and release enhanced versions at the pace desired. With business/IT collaboration streamlined, change happens fast and incrementally, and agile IoT application development becomes a reality.

Tri Nur Auliyaa