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TIBCO – Augment Intelligence (Part 1)

TIBCO has been around for 20 years. They’ve over the years have grown and had lot of products also lots of different kinds of ways in which they deliver value to their costumer. Mission of TIBCO down into two concepts : Interconnect Everything and Augment Intelligence.

Interconnect everything which going to spend much time on today is really the classic TIBCO integration connectivity. So, this is business process management and API management. And augment intelligence is really that portofolio of visual streaming and predictive analytics.

Three capabilities of augment intelligence :

  1. Visual Analytics

Deliver recommendation driver insight to business and operations. Characteristics of visual analytics obviously people need to access data, they need to analyze data and wrangle the data.

  1. Predictive Analytics

Model business and system behavior either using big data or small data. Within predictive analytics, clarly people will build models and they might want to use those models to make predictions into the future.

  1. Streaming Analytics, sense and take action in the right moment to improve business outcomes. In streaming analytic, people make a decision perhaps take an action and finally monitor that whole system to continuously improve it.

People take visual, predictive and streaming and they boil it down to the verbs. So, the actions that people take that’s a one way to characterize this really what people would call a spectrum of analytics. What’s the purpose all of this ? people want to gain insight order to take some action.

TIBCO connecting to infrastructure systems or connecting to business systems. So, the concept is connect smart people and smart systems in ways that really allow benefit to flow through organization rapidly and decisively.

Resources :

Tri Nur Auliyaa